Rana Rajvinder Singh

Let’s Know About Smart Building from Rana Rajvinder Singh

Name : Rana Rajvinder Singh

Designation : Director | Helix Sense Technologies Pvt Ltd Founder And COO | Scandron

Bio : He has 20+ experience in envisioning, designing, and developing SaaS Software for different types of industries like Facility Management, Property Management, Digital Transformation, Procurement, Recruitment, HRO Services, Healthcare, Medical Billing, and Drones. Currently, he is the director at Helix Sense Technologies Pvt Ltd, US-based Digital Solutions and IoT-Enabled Sensor for sophisticated building and facility management. He has started his new position as Founder and COO at Scandron.


Rana Rajvinder Singh is a man who loves to wear many hats. Since his initial days, he loves to take challenges and this enthusiasm keeps the spark alive and encourages him to continuously explore new fields. Currently, he is working in the field of smart buildings and different types of IoT-enabled sensors to enhance energy efficiency.

Tell us something about your initial days in this smart building industry

The journey to digital Transformation started almost 4 years ago, when the use cases of IoT were in the very initial stages in India, there were many handful companies that were really working on making building smart and had a monopoly, and were not asset agnostic. The asset of the smart building was working in silos and was not integrated to talk to each other. Moreover, a lot of compilation was still being done manually for creating dashboard and MIS reports.

How have you seen this industry grow in the last few years?

The rate of growth is quite an upwards movement. A lot of start-ups I have seen are trying to solve business problem use cases, however, they are still only focussing on a few areas, which is a challenge. There has been also a shift in thinking of people to adopt transformations and technology post-Corona era, as there were many processes that collapsed miserably during the shutdowns that were dependent on manual or manpower heavily.

What are the aspects that have worked as a catalyst in this industry?

Change in mindset to adopt technology over human dependency and automate as much as possible to avoid risk due to shutdown or manpower shortage.

– Technology advancement with IoT and digital platforms.

Why should people join this industry in the coming days?

The industry is growing at a very high rate and there is a need for skilled people in all areas.

How do you set goals for your team and how do you evaluate them?

The primary goal is customer success and the acceptability of our digital transformation platform implementation. There are many complex processes and integrations which our team is supposed to understand, map, and ensure flawless implementations.

– Evaluation is also done based on the voice of the customer and their feedback as to how happy they are during the journey of transformation

How do you want to contribute to this industry in the coming days?

Constant innovation in the digital transformation of facilities. There are many areas that can be simplified, and there are many use cases that are unexplored and can contribute to the growth of an organization and at the same point can help cut down its carbon footprint for them. We just don’t want to contribute to the success of clients but also to the environment with our green solutions.

What was your inspiration to join the smart building technology industry?

We felt a strong need for integrated technology which can change the way of working in this industry. Very basic processes can contribute to revolutionary changes, one quick example would be the digital checklist, which has contributed a lot to moving our client to go paper free and we end up saving tons of paper with checklists.

How do you think technology will help to live a sustainable life?

Of course, it will, as the focus is shifting towards ESG (Environmental, social, and governance) performance and impact in line with leading global standards, this would help the organization’s corporate financial interests that focus mainly on sustainable and ethical impacts

Apart from work, how would you like to keep yourself busy?

Spending time with family, learning a new skill, exploring new places and cultures, spending time with nature.

What is your advice to the people who are starting their journey in this industry of smart building automation?

All complex problem does have a solution and the challenge of solving them will keep you motivated and enthused. Just keep innovating and simplifying and there is a huge space for every new player in this industry to contribute and grow. All the best!

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