Love message and quotes

Love Messages and Quotes

  1. These flowers will one day wither away,
    And these chocolates, if you don’t eat them, will by all means decay,
    These are just symbols to make your day special
    And by love for you is everlasting and eternal.

2. Life is extraordinary in your company
Your sweet and pretty grace
When I look at that pretty face
I lose what I have to say
You make my life worth living
You make that lovely way
A way I want to see all through.

3. True love brings out the best of everyone. Just like the way you make me a better person in every possible way. I love you

4. A day for kindness,
A day for smiles.
A day for friendship,
Across the miles.
A day for sharing;
A day for hugs,
But most of all
Its a day for caring
A day for love.

5. With lots of loving thoughts,
Of everything you have done,
To make our life together,
Such a happy one.

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