Many AI-related professions at Netflix are now hiring, paying up to Rs 7.4 crore annually

Many AI-related professions at Netflix are now hiring, paying up to Rs 7.4 crore annually

In the tech industry, jobs in AI and machine learning are in high demand right now. Many IT behemoths, including Google, Microsoft, and Meta, are aiming to create strong AI-focused teams by integrating AI tools like ChatGPT. The streaming media business Netflix is also working with AI and hiring for a number of related professions with high compensation, so it’s not just the techies. Netflix has posted a position for a Product Manager – Machine Learning Platform with a salary range of up to $900,000 on its official job listing page. The machine learning platform at Netflix has to be improved, and the AI Product Manager’s main duties include using AI to create content. The role might also be remotely based in the West Coast from Netflix’s Los Gatos location.

According to Netflix, the new Product Management position is being created to maximize the potential of our Machine Learning Platform. With more than 230 million subscribers in 190 nations, Netflix continues to influence the direction of entertainment globally. From member personalisation to payment processing optimization and other activities geared toward increasing revenue, machine learning and artificial intelligence are driving innovation. The wage range for positions in this field at Netflix is typical $300,000-$900,000, according to the company’s website.

Although many people appear to be vying for this position, it is not the only one available. In addition, Netflix has posted several lucrative positions related to machine learning, including one for a Technical Director at its gaming studio. This position pays between $450,000 and $650,000 annually. Additionally, available positions include Research Scientist (L6) – Machine Learning and Inference Research and Software Engineer (L5) – Machine Learning Platform, all of which start at $100,000, or roughly Rs 82 lakh.

Visit Netflix’s official job portal to apply for these positions if you’re interested.

In the meantime, Hollywood union protests against the use of AI in content development and seeking protections against AI taking their employment have drawn specific attention to the recent AI job opportunities at Netflix. It’s interesting that this job posting comes at the same time as ongoing strikes by writers and actors calling for higher pay and regulations on the usage of new technology by studios. The authors fear that the lucrative AI professions may supplant traditional positions and restrict the amount of creative freedom available in the sector.

The use of AI in the entertainment business worries writers a great deal. They are concerned that artificial intelligence (AI) might be utilized in official capacities to develop plots and produce scripts, potentially displacing them and the importance of their work. Actors and writers are committed to preventing AI from destroying their professions and creative potential in the entertainment sector.

Particularly, the emergence of AI is raising questions about how it can affect employment in a variety of industries, including the tech sector. There is concern that as AI models improve, some human tasks may be replaced. Many scientists, however, contend that AI is only a development in technology and that humans can coexist peacefully with AI and even benefit from its use. They support their position by pointing out that AI cannot replace necessary human talents because it lacks human critical thinking.

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