Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announces Upcoming Features: Post Editing and Voice Note Sharing Coming to Threads

Prior to its July launch, Meta’s text-based social networking site, Threads, was quite popular. When Meta’s new platform arrived, users were quite thrilled about it, especially since Twitter (now named X) had just begun charging for things that had previously been free. Therefore, Threads was thought of as Meta’s Twitter substitute. Within five days of its release, the app had millions of downloads and made it easy for users who already had Instagram accounts to set them up on Threads. Additionally, it was suggested that Threads might completely replace X. But in a conversation, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated that the goal of Threads was to provide users with a “less angry” platform rather than to take the place of Twitter.

Nevertheless, Threads doesn’t seem to be as well-liked now as it was when it first launched. Furthermore, Meta appears to be addressing the issue as new capabilities for its microblogging platform have been released. Soon, Threads will get yet another functionality akin to Elon Musk’s X. And folks will find it quite helpful.

Threads to get the edit button

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, reportedly stated that Threads will soon include the much-needed edit button, according to an article in The Verge. This implies that after a post is published, people will have the ability to change it. Up until now, Threads didn’t have an edit option. The Edit button was first added to Twitter following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the firm in October of last year.

Returning to Threads, there will be a time limit on the edit button. A Threads post can only be edited by users five minutes after it is published. They won’t be allowed to edit the post again after that. Furthermore, Threads is introducing the capability for users to exchange Voice Notes within the platform. To record their voice, users only need to hit the newly added microphone button. The platform will then distribute this note. The Edit button and Voice Notes are currently available to a small number of users, and more people should soon have access to these capabilities.

Trending topics coming to Threads

It was previously claimed that Threads may enable users to view the topics that everyone is discussing on the network by way of a brand-new function called Trending Topics. A Livemint article claims that a Meta staff member unintentionally shared a screenshot online that showed off the new feature. App developer William Max was the first to see the screenshot.

The functionality that is soon to be released may arrange topics numerically beneath a search bar. It will also show the quantity of postings pertaining to each topic. Users in X are currently alerted to subjects that are trending and being discussed.

In a previous post, Mark Zuckerberg made hints about the functionality. “Be ecstatic—search is coming to Threads,” he had written. expanding to the majority of nations that speak Spanish and English today. More is on the way.”

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