Meta reimagine: An AI tool to generate images from text prompts in Facebook, Instagram group chats

Meta reimagine: An AI tool to generate images from text prompts in Facebook, Instagram group chats

With 2023 coming to an end, the tech sector continues to produce new AI tools and models at an unstoppable pace. Tech behemoth Meta has rolled out a number of new AI features across its platforms in response to Google’s announcement of the Gemini model, one of which is a unique “Reimagine” tool for Facebook and Instagram chats.

A recent addition to Meta AI on Instagram and Messenger is the “Reimagine” tool. With the help of text prompts, users can produce AI-generated images and share them in group chats. The Meta Reimagine feature leverages the company’s Emu image generation model to generate high-resolution images from text prompts, much like the text-to-image features provided by other AI platforms such as OpenAI’s DALL-E, Midjourney, Bing Image Creator, and Stable Diffusion. The feature creates four images per prompt and is currently free in the United States.

How to use Reimagine tool

First, users ask Meta AI to create a draft image, which is shared in the group chat on Instagram and Messenger before using the Reimagine tool. By pressing and holding on the image, friends can interact with it and prompt Meta AI to create entirely new images with text. Iteratively going through this process enables users to playfully trade images with friends, building on the previous prompts each time.

But Meta isn’t limiting the use of its Imagine tool to conversations. Using its Emu model technology, the company is specifically targeting “creative hobbyists” with its Imagine tool, which is now available online at

In the upcoming weeks, Meta plans to implement “invisible watermarking” for images created with Imagine in order to further address possible issues with authorship and misuse. The company has stated that it “aims” to integrate watermarks across its products in the future, but it hasn’t provided a specific timeline for when this initiative will expand to other AI-powered image tools.

As part of its dedication to developing AI technologies with Meta AI, Meta is actively concentrating on adding more features to its platforms in addition to Reimagine. The objective of this initiative is to improve the user experience on multiple platforms. The incorporation of Meta AI into mobile apps is one of the most important steps in this direction. More functionality is promised by the new Meta AI assistant, which will also give users more accurate search result summaries and more detailed responses on mobile devices.

By incorporating Reels into Meta AI chats, Meta is further improving the user experience by giving users a more engaging method to find and engage with content. With the help of this cutting-edge feature, users will be able to plan activities and share recommendations, like which destinations are the best to see while traveling. Furthermore, TechCrunch reports that Meta’s AI characters, which draw inspiration from well-known figures such as Snoop Dogg and Tom Brady, are now fully functional on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram in the United States.

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