Microsoft Copilot Pro now available for everyone, adds AI features to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

Microsoft Copilot Pro now available for everyone, adds AI features to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

Microsoft is presently concentrating on developing Copilot, an AI-powered help system. Copilot, which debuted with Windows last year, is presently very popular, having had over 5 billion interactions. Microsoft is now releasing Copilot Pro, a new premium version of Copilot, in celebration of this achievement. Users will be able to access more sophisticated AI features in Office programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook with the new paid subscription service.

Microsoft reveals that the new Copilot premium service is available for $20 per month (per person) i.e around Rs 1600 in India – on top of your existing Microsoft 365 Personal or Home subscription. The new Copilot Pro is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and iPad devices.

The new Copilot Pro will provide users with a plethora of generative AI capabilities after purchase, such as the ability to create PowerPoint presentations from basic prompts, summarize and reword text in Word, analyze and visualize data in Excel, and compose and reply to emails in Furthermore, users can create their own Copilot GPT using Copilot Pro and utilize the most recent OpenAI models.

“We are announcing the availability of Copilot Pro, a new subscription that delivers the most advanced features and capabilities of Microsoft Copilot to individuals looking to supercharge their Copilot experience,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post announcing the new Copilot Prom. Whether you require sophisticated assistance with writing, coding, designing, researching, or studying, Copilot Pro enhances efficiency, effectiveness, and creativity

Features of Copilot Pro

  • The following is all that Microsoft is now providing with its new, premium Copilot Pro subscription:
  • A cohesive AI assistant that adjusts to your needs and context and functions on your mobile device, PC, apps, and web browser.
  • Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers get access to Copilot in Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote on PC, Mac, and iPad.
  • First dibs on the newest and strongest models—like OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo—that you can apply to get better and faster outcomes. Additionally, you will soon be able to switch between different models to suit your preferences.
  • Better AI image creation with Image Creator from Designer (formerly Bing Image Creator), which offers you more options, faster speed, and higher quality images.
  • With just a few easy instructions and our new Copilot GPT Builder (coming soon), you will be able to make your own Copilot GPT, a customized Copilot for a particular topic.
  • Microsoft is also adding new features to Copilot, like Copilot GPTs, which allow you to customize Copilot’s behavior on a subject that interests you, like cooking, travel, fitness, and more.

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