Digigiggles Microsoft with its new feature will allow Windows 11 users to set Default apps

Microsoft with its new feature will allow Windows 11 users to set Default apps

The popular US-based technology company, Microsoft with its recent launch of the latest Windows version has announced that there will be a massive and useful feature in its user interface as users will be able to set specific files in their default settings.

The way users used to pin the applications in the start menu or taskbar will also change.

The tech giant also announced that the company would be adding a new deep uniform resource identifier link which will enable the users and developers to send the relevant area of the settings Menu when they would like to adjust the response of Windows 11 to specific links and file types. It will also introduce a new public API that will promptly ask for permission for the program before appearing on the interface elements, giving the users the choice to pin their respective apps on the desktop, task menu, and start bar. The company will also release a new publicly accessible API that would allow applications to pin either primary or secondary tiles to the Taskbar.

In a blog post by Microsoft, it stated that “ We will shortly create a new settings deep link URL for applications to take their users directly to the relevant location in settings for the user to update their defaults”.
As per the company’s announcements firstly, Windows Insider Dev channel computers will be made available with the two capabilities in the coming months before including the same in the general version of the operating system.
Microsoft is currently also focusing on the integration of the OpenAI- developed ChatGPT into their various services like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and others. It has already been added to its search engine Microsoft’s Binge which is running successfully.

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