Monsoon delay in India: Cyclone Biparjoy

Monsoon delay in India: Cyclone Biparjoy

A severe cyclonic storm is expected this Thursday. The cyclone named Biparjoy is already affecting the east-central region and areas around the southeast Arabian Sea of India since Tuesday. As per the climate expert’s prediction, the west coast of India will not be severely affected by the cyclone but Kerela may face a delay in monsoon as the cyclone effect will carry the moisture away. Biparjoy cyclone is expected to move north and north-west and may reach Pakistan with a wind speed of 170 kmph. The IMD released a statement on Tuesday which explained the delay in the onset of monsoon in Kerala which normally arrives by June 1.

Biparjoy will not cause much damage as compared to other cyclones like Nisarga in 2020 and Tauktae in 2021. According to IMD warnings, the speed of the blowing wind will be 60 km per hour around the Karnataka-Goa-Maharashtra coasts from June 8 to June 10.

The senior climate expert Roxy Mathew Koll, from the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune, initially the cyclone Biparjoy was far from the Indian coast as compared to other severe cyclones and stated “This Arabian Sea cyclone will not affect the west coast directly, except some bursts of winds from a combination of cyclone gusts and background monsoon winds. But since it is formed over the Arabian Sea and is moving north-northwestward, it could drive the moisture away from India. This can hamper the onset and progression of the monsoon.”

Koll emphasized the conditions like the warm Arabian Sea, a weak monsoon, and a suitable Madden-Julian Oscillation as the factors in favor of the cyclone. The temperature hovering around the sea will be around 31°C and 32°C. The stated temperature is 2-4°C above the climatological average. We can see the increase in the cyclonic effect because there is a rise in ocean temperatures and an excess of moisture as a result of Global Warming.

Biparjoy is the name given from Bangladesh and is pronounced as Biporjoy. According to researcher Vineet Kumar Singh this cyclone in itself is the first cyclone to be formed since June 2020 over the Arabian Sea. The data published by IMD states that there were ten cyclones formed over the Arabian Sea since the year 1982. The warnings issue suggests that the west coast will not be much impacted. The cyclone is beyond the Arabian Sea but we can witness a delay in the onset of monsoons.

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