Digigiggles: More stern background verification by IT Cos.

More stern background verification by IT Cos.

IT companies are adopting innovative means to detect fraud during online job interviews

IT companies are giving additional instructions to the firms conducting background verification for them to streamline the joining process and get away with the rise in fraudulent practices.
Earlier Accenture had fired some employees on the basis of fake documents submitted by them.

Background verification companies have started AI tools like GeoTagging and Addresses are being digitally verified during virtual interviews.The AI powered tools help in identity verification and real time monitoring during the interview process. According to a recent survey most of the IT companies are implementing advanced tools for detecting frauds during online interviews.

The companies are now insisting either on a minimum of one face-to-face round of interview or presence of a common interviewer on all the rounds.

Firms are also coming up with software to prevent lip-syncing while video interviews and the background checks are getting more stern so that the fake profile can be filtered at an early stage of the process. Some of the companies have made screenshots and video recordings of virtual interviews mandatory for future concerns.

The steps help in ensuring integrity of the hiring processes of the IT companies. Use of AI ensures decrease in fraud cases and it will create a secure environment for both employers and the job seekers.


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