Netflix to introduce new features and cracks down on password sharing

Netflix to introduce new features and cracks down on password sharing

Netflix has announced a few updates to be rolled out soon. The streaming platform will make not only the watching experience smooth but also, cracked down on password sharing which is a global phenomenon.

According to a new update, each extra user residing outside your home will be required to pay an extra amount of $7.99 every month. This rule was first applied in the US and eventually passed on to other countries.

The premium package users of Netflix that has 4K streaming can add up to two extra members but with an additional cost of $7.99 per head.

Netflix has also planned to introduce new tools to make the user’s streaming experience smooth and exciting. Netflix always updates itself with new shows and films every week but it is hard for its users to match those updates. While scrolling Netflix if a user decides to watch some show later it is difficult to find when it is the right time for the user. To cater to this issue Netflix has introduced the” My List feature” for Android and ios users and makes users find and watch the content easily. These new tools will help users to filter movies and shows in the “My List” tab and they can sort and bookmark the things which a user wants to watch at a later stage.

The streaming giant is providing users with some filters like: ‘Haven’t Started’ and ‘Started’ for Android users. The users can sort the content according to the release date of the content as well as alphabetically. Netflix is going to introduce a “coming soon” button on its home screen initially on the TV version. The streaming platform will send reminders to its users whenever a specific show is available to watch.

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