Pathaan Movie Review: The money is worth spending on the ticket

It is a festive feel for the fanbase of King Khan as Pathaan has arrived in Cinemas. Shah Rukh Khan has got the physique of a spy, but his eyes are the ones which delivered his feelings in Pathaan. He is back after a gap of four years on the big screen and he does his best in charming the audience which comes so easily to him. He proved himself to be why he is called a superstar. 

Pathaan is a depiction of the signature style of its director Siddharth Anand as he has glamorised and presented the stars in a lavish style and is inspired by the Hollywood films. 

The plot has patriotic sentiments attached to it. A negative role of Jim played by John Abraham is set to take revenge against India during the call out of article 370. It led the neighbouring country Pakistan to capture Kashmir. Pathaan has the mission to stop Jim wherein Pathaan gets distracted by ISI agent Rubina Khan played by Deepika Padukone. Her own backstory has given the plot a pre-interval twist to see whether she is an enemy or an ally. The film captures the audience with its heavy action scenes and great dialogues. 

Pathaan’s 2nd half is more captivating than the first. SRK for the first time is doing pure action scenes. He had some real scuffle scenes with John which made it more interesting. The action scenes are not only dedicated to mid air moves of jet planes and flying cars and other vehicles but bold and fearless action.

Pathaan is all about SRK and his screen presence reminds of why he is loved to be watched on the big screen. He is a real charmer and for that people are willingly buying the story. John Abraham as a villain is the apt cast for the movie and he shines with grace opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Deepika’s physique and appearance are as per the action movie demands. There is a Pathaan meeting Tiger moment in the movie. Fans were excited to see SRK and Salman in the same frame taking digs at each other while hitting the goons.  The movie craze is a perfect tribute to the stardom of Salman and Shah Rukh Khan. 

Pathaan is a fun movie to rejoice the presence of Shah Rukh Khan in the cinemas and does not include any public service message or show any current state of affairs. Pathaan is a great opening to see India’s Spy universe. 

It is a wholesome entertainment with the Star SRK, style, power, songs, surprises and thrill.

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