PM Modi launches 10 new Vande Bharat trains today: Check routes, other details

Image of Indian Railway's Vande Bharat train.

Vande Bharat train: With PM Modi launching ten additional trains on Tuesday, there will be more than fifty trains running throughout the states.

On Tuesday, March 12, Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened 10 new Vande Bharat trains, bringing the total number of these trains to over 50 and covering 45 routes across the country. Currently, the Indian Railways covers 24 states and 256 districts with 41 Vande Bharat Express services that connect states with Broad Gauge (BG) electrified networks.

Two Vande Bharat trains will run on six routes: Delhi-Katra, Delhi-Varanasi, Mumbai-Ahmedabad, Mysuru-Chennai, Kasaragod-Thiruvananthapuram, and now, Visakhapatnam-Secunderabad.

The majority of Vande Bharat trains operate on electrified broad gauge networks that cross multiple states.

The prime minister launched six more Vande Bharat trains in December 2023. They made up the second train that ran from Katra to New Delhi. Amritsar to Delhi, Coimbatore to Bangalore, Mangalore to Madgaon, Jalna to Mumbai, and Ayodhya to Delhi were among the other routes. In December 2023, the second train that runs between Delhi and Varanasi was also inaugurated.

Check routes of new Vande Bharat trains
  1. Ahmedabad-Mumbai Central
  2. Secunderabad-Visakhapatnam
  3. Mysuru- Dr. MGR Central (Chennai)
  4. Patna- Lucknow
  5. New Jalpaiguri-Patna
  6. Puri-Visakhapatnam
  7. Lucknow – Dehradun
  8. Kalaburagi – Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal Bengaluru
  9. Ranchi-Varanasi
  10. Khajuraho- Delhi (Nizamuddin).
Extensions to be flagged off today

Additionally, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the extension of four Vande Bharat trains.

  • Jamnagar-Ahmedabad We are extending Vande Bharat to Dwarka.
  • The Sarai Rohilla Vande Bharat from Ajmer to Delhi is being extended to Chandigarh.
  • Lucknow-Gorakhpur Vande Bharat will continue until Prayagraj.
  • The Kasargod Vande Bharat initiative in Thiruvananthapuram is being extended to Mangalore.
City with the most Vande Bharat trains

With ten trains ending in the capital, Delhi will host the most Vande Bharat trains of any city. These trains connect Delhi to a number of locations, including Amb Andaura, Bhopal, Dehradun, Ayodhya, Amritsar, and, as of late, Khajuraho.

Mumbai is the next stop, offering six express trains along with additional services to Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad.

There are five trains in Chennai, and on Tuesday the second Vande Bharat train for Mysore is expected to depart.

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