Revolutionary Smart Glasses from Meta: Live Stream Your World, AI Chatbot Integration Coming to WhatsApp

Since OpenAI released ChatGPT , it has astounded users since November 2022. Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the tech industry. With its human-like responses, the AI chatbot soon attracted attention, and people started looking for applications for the new technology. ChatGPT has undergone numerous improvements over time and will soon have real-time browsing capabilities. Even tech behemoths like Microsoft and Google have their own AI chatbots. But Meta was one player who had been absent from the AI race up to this point. Additionally, rumors that Meta was developing its own AI assistant as well as other AI-powered goods had been circulating for a while.

During its Connect launch event, Meta finally unveiled its own AI assistant as well as smart glasses that can livestream what you view. Additionally, the company’s Meta AI assistant will soon be accessible on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Meta AI on WhatsApp, Instagram and more

When discussing its upcoming AI assistant, Meta revealed that it will go by the name Meta AI. Thanks to Meta’s collaboration with Microsoft Bing, the AI assistant can now produce visuals.

“Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3 will soon have Meta AI, a new assistant you can engage with like a human on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. It is powered by a unique model that makes use of Llama 2 technology and our most recent large language model (LLM) research. Through our search collaboration with Bing, Meta AI provides a tool for image production in text-based dialogues and has access to real-time information.” the company wrote on its blog.

The company claimed to have released 28 other AI chatbots in addition to MetaAI, each with a unique personality. Such a move by Meta was anticipated because there had previously been rumors that the Mark Zuckerberg-led company was developing AI chatbots with various personalities.

Each of these chatbots has a unique personality and a “backstory,” according to Meta’s blog post. Not only that, but these chatbots will also have social media accounts.

“We worked along with famous people from many cultures to play and represent some of these AI’s. You can learn more about them by visiting their individual Instagram and Facebook profiles,” the business stated.

Meta’s smart glasses

Meta debuted with its new smart spectacles in conjunction with Ray-Ban in addition to its AI helper. In addition to being able to play music, take pictures, and record videos, the glasses can also broadcast what you see on Facebook and Instagram. A white light that pulses around the lens will indicate that a recording is taking place as it is being made.

“We’re enabling (creators) to livestream their first-person perspective simply and easily from the glasses to Instagram or Facebook. You may interact with your community while you’re living in the moment by hearing or seeing the remarks in your preview”, Meta stated in a blog post launching the glasses.

The Meta AI will also be included in Meta’s smart glasses, and you can communicate with it by saying “Hey Meta.” However, at the time of debut, the beta version of the Meta AI features will only be accessible in the US.

Pre-orders are being accepted for the spectacles, which go on sale on October 17. The smart glasses start at USD 299 in price.

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