Insights from Kapil Dev, CEO of SDET Tech

Revolutionizing Software Testing: Insights from Kapil Dev, CEO of SDET Tech

Name : Kapil Dev

Designation : CEO and Founder SDET Tech

Bio : Kapil Dev is a software quality enthusiast and the CEO and founder of SDET Tech, a software testing company. With a passion for delivering top-notch products and services, Kapil’s expertise lies in a wide range of testing areas, including test automation, performance and load testing, accessibility testing, security and pen testing, manual functional QA, mobile testing, and globalization services. With his vast experience and knowledge in the field of software testing, Kapil has built SDET Tech into a leading provider of software testing solutions, helping clients across industries achieve their quality goals.


Let’s know about Kapil Dev, CEO and founder of SDET Tech, a leading software testing company. With a passion for software quality, Kapil specializes in test automation, performance testing, accessibility testing, security and pen testing, manual functional QA, mobile testing, and globalization services. In this interview, we’ll discuss Kapil’s journey as an entrepreneur, his experience in software testing, and his insights on the future of the industry.

What led you toward the foundation of SDET Tech?

The founder of SDET Tech has a long history of leadership in all diversified fields you can think of. As the firm name justifies the authority of the organization we thought to have a place where an individual is given full backing to transform himself/herself into a QA expert with all possible support where the culture supports learning and upgrading technical or individual skills.

Give us a brief about the mission, vision, and business goals of your organization.


1- Our mission is Consistency and Quality to streamline your business processes to exceed client expectations. We achieve it through innovative solutions with a high level of expertise and competitive spirit

2- Our mission is to “Offer a wide range of Quality Assurance Services to our clients” by four key steps (Plan, Do, Check and Act). We help in delivering consistent results and setting the standards of Software/Product quality.


With an approach of forward-thinking, we have set our goals, by which we create and deliver the best services for our clients to conquer this changing world of work.

Business goals of your organization.

With all our past learnings, we realized that employees should be more motivated and enthusiastic about working, and also more committed to helping/realizing the company’s vision and mission. To be a successful organization in the market, business development can be realized through the ideology of employees that can support the vision of the company’s mission. So that the business can develop as expected. These goals are fascinated by controlled project management at our company. 

How is your organization enabling businesses to transform their services and processes?

Happier customers, more satisfied staff, and better relationships with clients can be achieved by transforming the best business process. We change elements of our workflows to meet the targeted business goals. Here we transform processes to improve our organization’s outcome, as we believe it’s an effective method for improving customer satisfaction by boosting quality. We define our transformation goals by picking Metrics and thus creating benchmarks for our clients. We are offering the best service categories like Established service offerings, Standard as well as Emerging service offerings for our multiple clients to transform their project’s best quality.

What are the major changes the industry has seen over the years?

In last few years plenty of new tools have emerged like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Cloud Computing, Advance Robotics, Internet of Things, Big Data & Analytics etc are driving innovations across industries and functional areas. Here we have followed the evolution of IT and the most pressing IT leadership issues since 2013, it feels like a bygone era. 

For an instance, deployments for most enterprises included a few SaaS applications and some experimental work at a public cloud provider. Cloud applications are now mainstream and broad-based. It is also enabling large companies to deploy and share services around the world while lowering costs and providing robust security capabilities at the same time.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for organizations today? How SDET Technologies is mitigating such challenges?

Employees looking out for change or moonlighting due to no job satisfaction.SDET Tech offers multiple opportunities to employees to learn new technologies and work on them. We believe employees should be happy in the role and perform the best. We provide open source learning platform courses ,so that employees can enhance their skills.

How do you hire your resources? What are the criteria they must have to join SDET Tech?

Experience, potential, Soft skill and cultural Fit are areas where we are all looking into a candidate. We look the candidate is hardworking and has ability to learn and adapt new technologies

How do you bring value to customers through your service?

A. SDET Tech believes in providing customers with Prioritize quality over price.
B. SDET Tech works on customer feedback to make it better further.
C. SDET Tech believes in providing useful products and services that customers consider worthy of their time, energy, and money.
D. Our Services are customizable and keep the word.

Based on your understanding as a CEO of SDET Tech; what would you advise any budding CEO?

A. Providing our employees time to learn and grow apart from their work.
B. Provide them opportunities to be part of the training sessions.
C. Provide employees to work on their skills and providing them on project opportunities to justify their learning
Value employee satisfaction

How is SDET Tech giving back to society?

A. SDET Tech has created employment for the freshers and the experienced employees.
B. SDET Tech has provided opportunities to the female talents who wanted to get back in their careers post Maternity Break.
C. Opportunity to college pass outs to learn and grow into a career.
D. Employment and environment to all standards of the society.

Any other significant highlights you want to mention here?

It’s just similar to say “What makes us unique”, we grab the opportunity as we prove  ourself the best fit for the role, while proving we are someone who can think on our feet by which we provide the best services to our client.

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