Samsung releases artificial intelligence (AI) features for Galaxy phones that translates calls

Samsung releases artificial intelligence (AI) features for Galaxy phones that
translate calls

Samsung’s “Galaxy AI” represents a significant technological advancement for smartphones. According to a recent blog post, this new feature would provide Samsung phone customers access to other AI-based capabilities for an improved smartphone experience. The “AI Live Translate Call” technology will soon be available, however the business hasn’t disclosed all of the functions that will be included. Everything you require is provided here.

Its purpose is pretty well explained by its name. According to Samsung, this AI capability allows for real-time text and voice translations to occur during phone calls. Additionally, the function won’t jeopardize your privacy or data, according to the business. It will be incorporated into the native phone app for Samsung.

With AI Live Translate Call, owners of the most recent Galaxy AI phone will soon have access to a personal translator. Being integrated into the built-in call capabilities, it eliminates the difficulty of using separate programs. Samsung claims in a blog post that “As you talk, text and audio translations will show up in real-time, making it easier to call people who speak other languages.”

The launch of Galaxy AI is scheduled for early 2024. Although the business hasn’t disclosed which Samsung phone model would be the first to use this function, the timing points to the potential Galaxy S24 series. As of right now, the main series is expected to debut in early January 2024. The generative AI model Gauss just made an appearance, suggesting that it will play a big part in creating features for future products.

Samsung’s action is in line with the expanding trend of smartphone makers utilizing AI-powered functionalities. AI features are built into Google’s new Pixel 8 series to improve picture editing. It now offers practical features like the Audio Magic Eraser tool, which anybody can use to swiftly cut out irritating noise from movies they’ve captured. Additionally, a brand-new AI-powered function called Best Take enables users to combine many group shots so that everyone is seen and attentive.

Apple also has made a significant investment in AI training, so if rumors are to be believed, we may soon see a number of AI-powered features on iPhones. In early 2024, Samsung phones are expected to provide real-time call translations and other AI technologies, which should give them a modest advantage over their competitors.

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