Screen sharing in video calls is now available on WhatsApp

Screen sharing in video calls is now available on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, a well-known phone and messaging app with billions of users, has announced the introduction of a new feature. During video chats, users can now share the phone’s screen. The ability to share information on one’s screen with others makes screen-sharing a useful tool for meetings at the office and in other settings. The new feature was introduced by Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who confirmed on his Facebook page, “We’re adding the ability to share your screen during a video call on WhatsApp.” Given that video calling is an essential part of group meetings, WhatsApp’s most recent enhancement may present a serious threat to Google Meet and Zoom.

Due to WhatsApp’s screen-sharing functionality, users can now work together on projects, share presentations, and more. It will also be simple to help friends and family using technology now. For instance, if your parents need help updating something on their phone, you can help them by using WhatsApp’s screen-sharing feature for video calls. Users will have full control over the screen-sharing feature, just like they would with any other video conferencing tool. It suggests that people may decide to stop sharing content at any time.

When participating in a video conversation, users can use this feature by simply tapping the “Share” icon, and then choosing whether to share a specific program or the entire screen. WhatsApp now allows for video calls with up to 32 participants, making it possible to arrange small meetings with ease. Screen-sharing is now open to all users instead of just beta testers, as it was previously. It can take a few days for everyone to get the update because it is being released gradually. Noteworthy recent additions to WhatsApp include Chat Lock, Edit, an upgrade to HD photo quality, and more.

WhatsAp’s Chat Lock feature is quite self-explanatory. People will have the option of locking their extremely private chats, ensuring that no one can access them even if you hand up your phone to someone else. It’s good news that the new feature automatically conceals the conversation’s content from alerts as well, safeguarding your privacy. Users have a 15-minute window to use the app’s Edit button feature to fix any erroneous messages they may have sent to anyone. The ability to amend individual sentences or words using the edit button reduces the need to delete entire messages, which is a tremendously useful tool.

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