Space Saver Bathroom Designing Ideas

Space Saver Bathroom Designing Ideas


Does your master bathroom fall short of its grand title? If your bathroom is limited in space, you might find yourself struggling to organize your essentials without sufficient storage. Instead of letting it become a source of frustration, consider making subtle yet transformative changes to maximize your bathroom’s functionality and incorporate smart storage solutions that don’t monopolize the available space.

Enhancing Your Compact Bathroom

The primary challenge posed by most small bathrooms is the insufficient space to store essential items like towels and toiletries. To elevate the functionality of a compact bathroom, focus on integrating storage solutions that are space-efficient or repurposing currently unused areas.

Here are some suggestions for optimizing small bathroom spaces:

1. Embrace the Corner Sink

One effective strategy for capitalizing on space in small bathroom designs is replacing the conventional vanity with a corner sink. This innovative move not only leverages underutilized corners but also allows for more open floor space.

2. Shower Over Bathtub

In small bathrooms, a full-sized bathtub can be a space-consuming element. A practical alternative is to consider replacing it with a shower. You can opt for a corner shower unit or go curbless to seamlessly integrate the shower with the rest of the room, creating a more open feel.

3. Counter Extension Over Toilet

In bathrooms where the sink and vanity are situated near the toilet, an ingenious solution is to extend the countertop over the back of the toilet. This space-maximizing approach provides additional surface area for daily tasks while maintaining accessibility to the toilet tank lid when necessary.

4. Recessed Wall Shelves

Rather than installing cabinets that take up valuable floor space, consider utilizing the existing wall space to create recessed shelves, often referred to as wall niches. This involves cutting a cavity into the drywall, crafting a custom shelving unit to fit the space, and subsequently repairing the wall. The outcome is enhanced storage without sacrificing floor space.

5. Sliding Shower Doors or Curtains

If your bathroom currently features a swinging shower door, consider switching it out for sliding doors or a shower curtain. These alternatives occupy less space, creating a more open and accessible bathroom. To maximize space further, a curved shower rod can be a clever choice.

6. The Versatility of Pocket Doors

Traditional bathroom doors that swing into the room can eat into valuable space. Replace the conventional door with a pocket door – a sliding door that neatly disappears into the wall when opened. This design choice liberates additional usable space in your bathroom.

Innovative Storage Solutions: 

When a complete bathroom remodel isn’t feasible, there are several space-saving storage solutions you can employ to address the problem of storage inadequacy:

1. Vanity with Built-in Storage

While floating or pedestal sinks might occupy less physical space, a vanity equipped with drawers or a cabinet can significantly enhance bathroom storage. Alternatively, consider open shelving beneath the sink for a balance between storage and visual openness.

2. Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

Swap your regular bathroom mirror for a medicine cabinet mirror with built-in shelves. This astute small bathroom solution provides storage for items such as soap, lotion, and medications without monopolizing floor space.

3. Shelf Above the Door

Unused vertical space in the bathroom can be transformed into a valuable storage area. By installing a shelf above the door, you can conveniently store guest towels, decor, and infrequently used items, thereby maximizing space effectively.

4. Towel Racks on the Back of the Door

To save precious wall space, install towel racks or hooks on the back of the bathroom door (unless a pocket door is in use). For additional storage capacity, consider mounting two or three towel racks vertically instead of just one, ensuring easy access to your towels.

5. Utilize the Space Above the Toilet

Invest in a shelving unit designed to fit over the toilet to augment your small bathroom’s storage capacity. Other practical options include floating shelves or supplementary cabinetry to keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free.

Towel Storage Dilemmas Solved

When it comes to storing towels in a small bathroom, it can be a bit of a puzzle. Here are some practical solutions:

  • Add hooks.
  • Install new wall shelving units.
  • Implement towel racks.
  • Explore over-door shelving options.
  • Make use of cabinets or shelves positioned above the toilet.
Are You Ready to Expand Space and Storage in Your Compact Bathroom?

Enhancing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a small bathroom doesn’t necessarily entail a complete renovation. By incorporating space-saving design concepts and intelligent storage solutions, you can turn your small bathroom into a more efficient and visually appealing space. These strategies will not only help you maximize the available space but also add convenience to your daily routine.

Whether you choose to install a corner sink, switch your bathtub for a shower, or create recessed shelves, your small bathroom can be transformed into a functional and beautiful area. Capitalize on your bathroom’s potential, and you’ll find that size is no longer a hindrance to creating a more stylish and convenient bathroom space.


Small bathrooms can be equally functional and visually pleasing with the right design choices and storage solutions. These creative ideas will help you design a bathroom that not only optimizes space but also enhances your daily routine. Remember, in bathroom design, size is not the sole determinant of a successful space; it’s how you employ and optimize that space that truly matters.

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