The booming of Cyber Crime is deplorable for India

The number of cyber crimes that are increasing day by day in this digital era is going to explode our economy. Cyber fraud refers to pursuing illegal activities with the help of digital tools. The National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal defines a cyber crime as any unlawful act where a computer network or communication device is used to commit a crime. It is a negative result of technological advancement as well as political and economic liberalisation of the world. It is a menacing crime that takes place over the internet through computers. As per the reports published by National Crime Records Bureau, the number of cybercrime cases in 2021 rose to 18.4% since the year 2019 and in the case of females, it was 28% making it an alarming stage for India. There are many examples of cybercrimes such as: cyber harassment, loan app extortion, cryptocurrency fraud, cyber stalking, sextortion, cybersex trafficking, and cyber hacking. 

Last week a case of Cybercrime was detected in Chandigarh where five men were arrested for stealing a financial firm of Rs.1.94 crore by hacking their mobile application and passing its payment gateway. In another case, Mysuru police nabbed 3 men belonging to a district of Assam. The Cyber Economics and Narcotics crime police station of Mysuru district cracked a ‘gift’ scam run by cyber criminals by arresting three people from Bengaluru. In one more case of Cyber fraud, Delhi Police arrested two men from the Nawada district of Bihar with the help of local police. They also recovered over Rs.1 crore of cash and 16 mobile phones. As per the data, the crimes relating to loan app extortion and sextortion has blown up in the recent days. 

In India, many cybercrime laws are being executed to end this threat. Apart from these laws, awareness among people is a must. As an individual, you must take appropriate steps to stop such crime. A few of them include: not sharing your login details or bank details to anyone, not installing trust anti-virus software and keeping your profile private. These steps can help you from indulging in such crime. 

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