The ChatGPT rival Bard is launched with New Features

The ChatGPT rival Bard is launched with New Features

During the recent Google I/O conference; a host of new features were unveiled for Bard, the company’s AI chatbot. Dubbed as a formidable competitor to ChatGPT; Bard was first introduced to the world in March of this year. While initially accessible to a limited number of individuals in select countries; Bard has since expanded its reach to over 180 countries and territories. With its expanded accessibility and advanced features, Bard is poised to revolutionize the AI chatbot landscape.

The US and the UK were the countries to explore Bard at an initial stage. Currently, Google has removed the waitlist and has made Bard available which is still in the Beta stage in 180 countries and territories.

The company said that they are continuously working on improving and adding new features to Bard so they want more people to use it and share feedback with the company.

The company is working to make Bard support 40 languages along with Japanese and Korean.

PaLM 2 powers Bard

As stated by Google CEO Sundar Pichai PaLM 2 is a more powerful large language model known as LLM. The advanced maths, reasoning skills, and coding capabilities of the AI chatbot are enabled with the help of this PaLM 2.

A more Visual Bard

The announcement made by Google states that Bard will be more visual as far as responses and prompts are considered. If Bard is asked about some sightseeing points for a particular place Bard will respond with text as well as images for better results and response.

Google Lens and Bard

The user can take the help of Google Lens while using Bard. The AI chatbot will use Google Lens to analyze the picture shared with Bard and will respond with creative captions will details of the shared picture.

Bard and coding

Bard will support the developers as at Google I/O the company is making a few upgrades to the Bard to make it better and more precise at coding. For a quick share and run code with the partners an export button is added.

A third major feature that has been added to Bard is the Dark Theme.

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