The School Curriculum With New Techniques Of Learning: Education 4.0

Technology has changed the way of operations and customer service experience in many industries like Banking, Hospitality, Travel and Entertainment.  Similarly, it has a great impact on Education Industry in delivering learning in both physical and virtual models. It changed the perspective of education delivery in schools in India. With the New Education Policy (NEP 2020) in India, we can see a drastic change in the school curriculum. It focuses on skills-based learning to make students ready for the real world. The early foundation years will have play-based learning and will gradually move towards interactive, discovery and activity-based learning.

Transforming physical classrooms into digital will not on;y enhance students learning experience but will also provide benefits to the key stakeholders. Now learning for students will not be just restricted to the classroom. It can be accessed anywhere and at any time. The student will have the curiosity, interest and retention of critical concepts with the use of videos, virtual simulations, and gamification. Also, parents can get total updates on activities, initiatives, updates and progress associated with their child
The NEP’s focus on Introducing coding as a technical skill will help the students lead the way to a new world of innovation and creativity and will develop analytical, critical thinking & problem-solving skills.

Apart from this in activity-based learning,  students can practice, implement and apply their learning to understand the context and usage of concepts in a real-world scenario. The school curriculum in Education 4.0 will give exposure to students’ new ideas and multiple ways to solve a particular problem by opposing viewpoints and demonstrating the power of the collective mind.

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