Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, hails the release of Vision Pro as the start of a new computing era at WWDC 2023

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, hails the release of Vision Pro as the start of a new computing era at WWDC 2023

The demand to “innovate” is constant and merciless for a corporation like Apple. And now that the iPhone has been around for a while and helped usher in the touch-screen age, people are starting to wonder what comes next. Various businesses are looking for various solutions to the problem. Others now place their hopes in artificial intelligence, or more specifically, AGI (Artificial Generative AI), while some claim it is crypto. Some people have looked into virtual reality in the past, including Mark Zuckerberg at Meta. As part of its entry into the virtual reality market, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro on Monday. Not only was it released, but it was also highlighted as the start of a new computer era and as something that would revolutionize the world in the same way that earlier devices like the Mac, iPod, and iPhone had.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who unveiled Vision Pro at WWDC 2023, “Vision Pro is the new type of computer” that will allow users to seamlessly blend real and virtual worlds.

To put it another way, Apple does not advertise the Vision Pro as merely a standard virtual reality headset. The business refers to it as the start of spatial computing. Apple claims that modern computing makes use of a natural interface built around the user’s hands and sight. According to an Apple representative, the world was revolutionized by the iPhone and iPad’s multi-touch interface while the Mac employed the mouse and the iPod introduced the click-wheel. Apple Vision Pro will be “controlled by hands and eyes.”

Users will have to wear it, just like with any virtual reality headset. This has in the past caused consumers annoyance, which is one of the reasons why such headsets haven’t caught on. However, Apple is attempting to address the issue by enhancing the headset’s aesthetics and adding a number of significant capabilities that will enable users to not only view the virtual environment but also keep an eye on their immediate surroundings.

Although the functionality and usage patterns for a brand-new device like the Vision Pro will develop gradually, Apple anticipates that the Vision Pro will be a potent tool for communication and entertainment right away. Once a person dons it, they may navigate through their images and videos, play games, and watch movies in a 3D virtual environment. Apple invited Disney CEO Bob Igor to the WWDC 2023 stage to demonstrate that this is a device with some significant consideration behind it. Disney Plus is already coming to Vision Pro, and users will be able to view its shows in virtual environments, according to Igor. In other words, it’s possible that Vision Pro customers will be able to see the upcoming Marvel film in a fully immersive virtual setting.

Similar to this, the Apple Vision Pro will allow users to make video chats in virtual spaces that are more immersive and make them feel closer to the other person. Apple has incorporated a function called EyeSight into the Vision Pro to address the issue that users are frequently cut off from their real-world surroundings when wearing a virtual headset. This will make use of several cameras and sensors included within the gadget to allow users to see their surroundings even when wearing the Vision Pro. In an Apple demonstration, a person wearing the Vision Pro could interact with a person without taking the device off once they had seen them enter the room on their visor.

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