Tim Cook Reveals Plans for Generative AI Implementation, Potential Features by 2024

Tim Cook Reveals Plans for Generative AI Implementation, Potential Features by 2024

ChatGPT, a generative AI chatbot developed by OpenAI that stunned us all with its human-like responses, has been the subject of online debates regarding Apple releasing a similar product. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has also begun to discuss it recently. Cook stated in August of this year that Apple has been developing next-generation AI capabilities “for years” and will keep making investments in the field. Furthermore, Cook has affirmed that Apple is developing generative AI in a recent conference call with investors. He stated that efforts are being made in this area and that the corporation wants to use technology responsibly.

Tim Cook talks about generative AI

Tim Cook stated during an investor call that Apple is working on generative AI and that the business wants to be in charge of it. Several rumors imply that customers will be able to use these AI features by 2024. This information, however, should be taken with a grain of salt because it is not yet validated and is merely supposition.

Returning to Cook’s statement, according to the report, he stated that there is “work going on” in terms of generative AI. I’m not going to go into specifics because, as you know, we don’t really do that. But you can guarantee we’re going to invest. We’re putting a lot of money into the work. We’ll do it responsibly, and it will surely give us some results

When Cook hinted at Apple’s work on gen AI

Cook first hinted at Apple’s aspirations for generative AI in August of this year. He told Reuters that the corporation has been investing in generative AI for a long time, and that this is reflected in their R&D investment as well. So far this fiscal year, Apple’s R&D spending has reached USD 22.61 billion, which is around USD 3.12 billion higher than this time last year.

We will continue to invest, innovate, and ethically advance our products with these technologies in order to improve people’s lives. Obviously, we’re investing heavily, and it’s reflected in the R&D investment you’re looking at.” as stated by Cook to Reuters

On a related point, Apple is also looking for generative AI roles, as evidenced by its US careers page. When you enter the keyword ‘Generative AI,’ many search results appear.

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