Tons of new features to be added to Whatsapp in 2023

Instant messaging service WhatsApp has a history of innovation and the introduction of new features.   The standout feature of 2022 was the community function, Message Yourself, and the ability to view profile images of people and groups. Last year, the business introduced a number of new features to improve user security. This year, WhatsApp is anticipated to roll out a number of new features to improve the quality of voice, video, and messages for users. Some of the new features added are the ‘Call tab on WhatsApp Desktop’, ‘View Once Text’, ‘Picture-in-Picture for video calls on iOS (PIP)’, and ‘Companion Mode’. Desktop calling- For the desktop version of the app, a dedicated call tab is anticipated on the Meta-owned platform. With mobile and online applications, users can track and possibly sync the data of WhatsApp calls. Users allegedly saw a class tab in the sidebar of the program. This feature is currently accessible to some WhatsApp beta for Windows users.

View Once Text- The instant messaging platform would roll out the view once text feature, which is similar to the view once media option. Once the receipt has checked the message, this function will remove the text messages. Users will be able to securely and privately communicate via text. The feature is currently being developed and will probably be made available to beta testers initially.

PIP- While on a WhatsApp call, users can multitask by using other applications in PIP mode. With this feature, users will be able to explore different applications while still having access to the video call in a smaller interface. Notably, it has already been released for Android users, and iOS users will follow soon.

Companion Mode- Currently, WhatsApp does not give customers the ability to use the same account across numerous services or devices. Users will get the option to link and sync their WhatsApp data with companion mode, allowing them to use the same profile across several phones. In reality, it will make it possible for users to utilize the same WhatsApp profile on both Android and iOS devices at once. 

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