Top YouTube channels for Kids

Top YouTube channel for kids


Many of us are continuously on the lookout for YouTube channels for kids because, in today’s tech-savvy world, TV is not the only source of educational entertainment; there is a great, wide world beyond it as well. More and more mothers are becoming aware of the growing need to transition from traditional television sets to more convenient gadgets and second screens in order to expose their children to a whole new world of online educational movies. The conventional paradigm of education within the “four walls” of the school is quickly giving way to the new era of gadgetry and e-learning. YouTube saw the need for this expanding market for kids entertainment and released kids-friendly channels for their benefit.

Best YouTube channel for kids

With millions of channels on YouTube, it might be challenging to find the best channels for kids. YouTube has it all, deep and wide, from crafting to gaming, cooking and baking to amusing science projects, rhymes to sheer comedy for youngsters, exercise to devotional videos. You can select your channels based on your children’s interests. We have compiled a list of the Top 10 YouTube Channels for Kids:

  1. Pebbles kids learning– Pebbles Kids Learning is an excellent channel for school-age children. This channel contains films on a variety of topics, including math, English, physics, Vedic Math, History, and Geography. They also feature interesting films on general concepts for children in Pre-KG and KG. Pebbles also provides local language channels in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali.
  2. Ninja kids tv– These videos will be enjoyed by your young Ninja fan at home. Gymnasts, athletes, and skillful ninjas are featured in the videos on the channel. The videos include comedies, challenges, action adventures, and many other things. The videos’ themes are mostly concerned with life skills and character development. However, due to the amount of action in these videos, parental supervision is required.
  3. Chu Chu TV– ChuChu TV’s videos, which focus on nursery rhymes and educational songs, include cute animated characters who can teach your children about colors, shapes, numbers, and other concepts while imparting good messages. Vinod Chandar, the founder of ChuChu TV, based the primary character ‘ChuChu’ on his little daughter and created this channel in 2013, which has since gained over 15 million viewers!
  4. Junior Buddies– Parents will find a wealth of fascinating content for their young children on the Junior Buddies YouTube channel. The animated films on this channel are a visual treat that teach alphabets, numbers, rhymes, and more. The content can hasten toddlers’ learning journeys and developmental milestones.
  5. Kids learning tube– Kids Learning Tube is a collection of educational videos, each focusing on a single topic. Kids Learning Tube blends creative sing-along educational songs with animation for a joyful learning environment, covering topics ranging from Earth Day to vegetables to anxiety. “Earth Science,” “Famous Inventors,” “Motivational Songs for Kids,” and other playlist categories are available.
  6. Khan academy kids– Khan Academy Kids, the online equivalent of the popular Khan Academy app, is geared for toddlers through early elementary school. While some of the main channel videos are intended for parents or instructors, on Mondays, Khan Academy’s Circle Time playlist includes stories and activities.
  7. Hooplakidz– Allow your children to sway and learn familiar nursery rhymes while Annnie, Ben, and Mango sing and dance to delightful original melodies. Aside from that, the channel includes Aesop’s tale stories, spelling videos, and some interactive ones. The majority of the films in its collection are poems for preschoolers. While some movies are only a few minutes long, others can go up to over two hours.
  8. Videogyan– Every month, you will be treated to about five new videos covering a variety of topics such as songs, nursery rhymes, and basic facts such as number sketching in 2D animation.The finger family includes not just human ethnicities, but also animals, fruits, and so on. They provide rich, dependable, and clean content for kids and provide them with an unforgettable visual experience.
  9. Disney Byju’s early learn– The learning films are so well-crafted that they provide a solid foundation of basic ideas in such a delightful way that children fall in love with them right away. Younger children adapt more quickly when they watch what they enjoy, and this channel offers lessons through Disney’s ageless characters. They cover everything from English alphabets to addition and subtraction in mathematics in a traditional game format similar to snakes and ladders.
  10. Kids TV Nursery Rhymes and Baby songs– Kids TV – Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs is one of the top YouTube channels for watching English nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Incy Wincy Spider, Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, Finger Family, ABC song, and 123 songs. This channel is the third most visited kids Nursery Rhymes channel, with over 4 billion views.

With so many fantastic alternatives for curious kids available online, your family is bound to discover a new favorite YouTube channel to binge-watch. These were carefully chosen with the topic, language used, age appropriateness, and, of course, the fun factor in mind.
Kids can learn new things and have fun by watching these engaging videos.

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