Saurabh Ganguly, CEO Founder of Digital MarkEthics

Unleashing Digital Marketing Strategies: An Interview with Saurabh Ganguly, CEO Founder of Digital MarkEthics

Name : Mr. Saurabh Ganguly

Designation : The CEO and Founder of Digital MarkEthics

Bio : Saurabh Ganguly, the CEO and Founder of Digital MarkEthics is a dynamic and result oriented professional. With his profound business acumen, he has established this business in such a short period of time. He has a proven track record of driving business growth through strategic digital marketing initiatives and leveraging evolving technologies, tools, and growth hacking techniques. With a deep understanding of digital transformation, he has successfully helped numerous businesses navigate the digital landscape and achieve their goals.


Welcome to the insightful discussion with Mr. Saurabh Ganguly, the CEO and Founder of Digital MarkEthics, a new-age digital marketing company. With over 18 years of expertise in the domain of digital marketing, he has established himself as a strategic visionary in this field. 

In our conversation, we delve into his journey, exploring his insights on embryonic technologies, growth hacking techniques, and digital transformation. Get ready to unlock valuable perspectives from a digital marketing maestro who is driving businesses towards success with his innovative strategies.

How does the idea of starting your own company click in your mind?

Before Digital MarkEthics happened to my life; I poured my heart and soul into my previous job, working tirelessly to achieve success. At that time, starting my own venture was not even near my bucket list. The idea of starting my own company happened unexpectedly. During the time of the Pandemic; when the atmosphere of uncertainty and unrest loomed large all over; I thought staying positive is the only way to survive. 

So, Digital MarkEthics started to take the baby step. The focus was to deliver more personalized, ethical, and value-driven support to the organization in its journey of digital transformation.

Tell us something about your company

Digital MarkEthics is known for its ethical approach while delivering its service. We become the digital partner to transform the business into a ‘vibrant brand’. We create an ROI-driven strategy to represent the brand in relevant and effective channels. 

There are numerous digital marketing agencies coming up in the market. To sustain the cut-throat competition; we stick to our value-driven ethical service to bring some good results. We always maintain the standard of our service and update our strategy as per the latest updates; resulting in our success.

What are the fortes your company is presently serving?

Our core service area is digital transformation with 360-degree digital marketing strategy. We provide a wide range of services like web design and development, digital marketing, analytics, branding, and content marketing.

Why anyone would like to take the service of your company?

As I told you before, the ethical approach is the prime focus of our company. We never make a promise to our clients that we cannot fulfill. Instead of a client-vendor relationship; we believe to build a partnership that brings mutual benefits. 

We take the required time to understand the business, its target customers, competitors, and market trends. We chalk out the strategy which is exactly mapped to deliver the brand message to the target audiences only. 

That’s why; DME has achieved such a good response from all of our partners in such a short period.

What change you would like to make after one and half year of this company?

Well, DME will focus on streamlining the whole process from onboarding to delivery. I want to work in a collaborative way to make sure that all project deliverables are not person-dependent but process driven. 

We will implement more data drive solutions to bring out effective results for our partners. 

We will focus on an interactive session within our team to brainstorm, knowledge-sharing, and understand for the sake of continuous learning. 

What are the significant achievements that you want to mention?

Though Digital MarkEthics is a very young organization, we have already accomplished some achievements that are worth mentioning. Our company is recognized by Amazing Workplace® for following the Best Work From Home Practices for 2022-23. Apart from that, we are also featured in Prime Magazine and awarded as 20 Best Marketing & Advertising Companies 2022-23. Intiall, the CEO Story magazine has also recognized me and our company as we featured  under Distinguished Company Of The Year 2022 . These are the inspirations that keep me motivated to surpass our own performance every time.

Why does anyone like to join your company?

Digital Marketing is a continuously evolving industry. We support our employees to continuously learn and update their knowledge. We encourage everyone to take part and express their views on every project. 

Moreover, when the market is fluctuating; we are going high at a steady pace. We have already catered to 45 + clients of different domains. So, they will get exposure, learning experience, and scope for growth within our company.

What are the challenges you face in the remote working culture and how have you overcome them?

I personally believe; geographical distance is not a barrier in this virtual world. We are all residents of the global village. And thanks to technology; we are connected with each other in a better way. 

And when you have a proper plan and routine; the virtual work culture is a blessing for our company as we can select the best possible candidate from anywhere. We start our day with a morning call to discuss the daily deliverables. We make sure that every project must meet the desired deadline. 

And hopefully, we are doing well in this remote working environment. Amazing Workplace® has already recognized us for following Work From Home Best Practices. It is a great encouragement for us to deliver more brilliant results in the future.

While selecting any candidate; what are the criteria you look for?

To become a member of the DME family; the person must be proactive in nature. He or she must possess a zeal for constant learning and exploring. Keeping knowledge in silos is just not the nature of our company.

Do you think, company branding as well as personal branding is required?

In today’s world, branding is a mandate; both for the company and its personnel. It is the differentiating factor from your competitors. 

For company branding; it is not only the logo and its colors. It is about the brand story and making the target audiences aware of it. Nowadays, when the purchase decision has become more personal; it is become really important to connect with your target customers on an emotional and personal level. And proper branding is the right way to achieve it. 

Just like that, creating a brand identity is equally important for the individual. It is a great way to let the world know about your business vision and how you are standing out in this highly competitive market. With the decreasing attention span of our audiences; it is very important to create a memorable brand identity to gain credibility. 

How do you motivate your team?

I always motivate my team to take proactive initiative and ownership in any work they do. I encourage them to share their vision and give them the space to thrive in my organization. 

We practice clear and frequent conversation to foster collaboration. We focus to have a positive working environment that offers ample opportunities for self-development.

What other activities take place in your organization?

We don’t stay back to carry out different celebrations like Dussehra, Diwali, and Christmas all through the year; even in the remote working space. We had an annual meet-up with the team to celebrate our first anniversary.

Apart from that, we have done CSR activities in which every member participated. From food distribution to plantation; it was a successful drive. 

Digital MarkEthics in this short span came forward to help others through our sponsorship program during Durga Puja.

What are the factors you consider are required for success – both for a company and for an individual?

To get success; one should be focused on his/her goal. They must have a clear roadmap with an apt strategy. A positive mindset is another important factor for success in life. 

Whether a company or an individual, sticking to the strategy is a blessing. They must set an attainable goal. Making some unrealistic aim or promising clients impossible results can never gain results in the long run. It is very important to identify the weakness as well as strengths and make use of both factors for the benefits.

As a CEO, what you like to advise or suggest to the start-up owners

First of all, I want to congratulate everyone who takes the initiative to live their dream and stray off the beaten path. If you are passionate about the chosen industry, then leverage a business plan exclusively curated for your product or service. Before launching, test your concept and analyze all the pros and cons to find out the expected success. 

You need to be agile and flexible to change your plan according to the market trend. While selecting your business partners; make sure they are efficient enough to support your dream.

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