Volkswagen is bringing ChatGPT to its vehicles so that you can ask your car to do things

Volkswagen is bringing ChatGPT to its vehicles so that you can ask your car to do things

Your automobiles will soon have access to generative AI tools! Volkswagen announced at CES 2024 that it will incorporate the well-liked OpenAI ChatGPT into its vehicles by the second quarter of 2024, jumping on the generative AI bandwagon. VW is not the first company to announce that it will be integrating artificial intelligence tools into its vehicles. Still, it’s undoubtedly the first to use ChatGPT in cars. Volkswagen revealed that the chatbot will be offered in the Golf, Passat, and Tiguan models.

However, keep in mind that ChatGPT-powered cars will first only be available in Europe, with the US market to follow. However, the business hasn’t yet disclosed its intentions for the Indian market. This news, however, is significant for the Indian market for two reasons: first, it’s highly likely that Volkswagen cars equipped with ChatGPT will eventually make their way to India; and second, when a company adopts a technology that’s currently very popular in the market, you can be sure that its rivals will be attempting to copy it as soon as possible.

VW stated at CES 2024 that it will incorporate ChatGPT into its IDA in-car voice assistant to facilitate more conversational exchanges between drivers and their vehicles. According to Volkswagen, the integration will let users ask the vehicle to do things like turn on or off the air conditioning or even ask “general knowledge questions.”

Volkswagen claims that any questions or responses exchanged between the driver and the chatbot will be “deleted immediately to ensure the highest possible level of data protection” in order to protect privacy, as The Verge reported. In addition to a button on the steering wheel, there will be a wake work to activate the chatbot.

With generative AI integration making in-car entertainment and operations smarter, this is an intriguing development as of right now. To take things a bit further, it would sound even better if you could picture the Xiaomi SU7 EV operating on HyperOS, the same operating system that powers your laptops and phone, and using ChatGPT, an in-car chatbot that can potentially retrieve information from other devices for you while you drive. All of this could happen hands-free.

Even though it will take some time for all of this to be genuinely available—especially in a place like India, where there will always be a language barrier—it is always a good idea to remember that chatbots like ChatGPT frequently misinterpret information. Therefore, exercise caution whenever you ask questions about general knowledge, for example.

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