What do Google searches disclose about India's behavior during the Pandemic

What do Google searches disclose about India’s behavior during the Pandemic?

Now this high-tech time, everyone depends upon Google to find the answer to their questions. During the Pandemic, people’s searches were about covid 19 cases. Some words like quarantine, social-distancing, asymptomatic, masks, sanitizers, and lockdown were googled and adapted quickly into behavior. The searches for movies, dishes, and online yoga classes increased during the first lockdown time, it reveals that people set their mind to defeating corona by a stay at home. The Word Game, Wordle, and board game Ludo was the most searched term in 2020. These are enjoyable and time-pass games for everyone during the pandemic. 

 Google revealed that due to insecurity or to make fit against corona, the most searched term is ‘how to make immunity booster Kadha’ during this period. When the first lockdown announced the searches for home deliveries of groceries and vegetables and 10 min grocery delivery apps like Otipy, BBdaily, and Bigbasket was went up in the market. At the end of the first wave, the searches for ‘when will school reopen’ and train tickets rose. People wanted to go to their home who was stuck during a lockdown and children wanted to go back to their studies. Google search to download Zoom appeared for the first time in 2020 when many of us no longer needed to step out to earn a livelihood. The searches for Work from Home increased from 2020 to 2022. As a result number of online job portals raised and the bundle of job opportunities came into the hand of people.

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