WhatsApp Explores ‘View Once’ Feature for Voice Messages with Auto-Deletion

In order to improve users’ experience on the platform, WhatsApp is developing a number of new features. Channels and the ability to manage numerous accounts are among the new features that the Meta-owned app has previously announced. WhatsApp intends to roll out a view once voice message feature, which will vanish after the receiver hears it. This functionality will resemble the “View Once” option that WhatsApp already offers for images and videos.

The article claims that the addition of the “view once” option for voice notes gives consumers an extra degree of privacy. The ability to store, forward, or export voice notes will be blocked by this feature. For now, only a small subset of iOS and Android users who are using the app’s beta version can access this feature. Installing the most recent WhatsApp beta for iOS, version, or Android, version, using the TestFlight app will allow users to activate this functionality.

When recording audio using WhatsApp, a small “1” icon will show up to the right of the voice note waveform. Tapping this icon will enable the feature. According to WABetaInfo, “You won’t be able to listen to the voice note after sending it with the view once mode enabled, and the recipient can no longer listen to the voice note after dismissing it.”

In addition, a screenshot is included in the report to provide further information on this feature. The screenshot shows a new “view once” symbol (a lock) that can be accessed in the conversation box when you’re recording a voice memo. This icon means that the voice note will only be sent in view once mode, which means that the recipient cannot export, forward, save, or record it.

Once the voice note is sent in view once mode, it cannot be listened to again after it has been dismissed by either the sender or the recipient. By providing an extra layer of privacy to protect sensitive and private data, this mode successfully lowers the possibility of unauthorized access or later listening.

It’s worth noting that WhatsApp debuted a similar “View Once” function for photographs and videos in 2021. It’s probable that the network plans to introduce a similar option for audio chats.

When this functionality is implemented, users will have more privacy and control when exchanging voice notes. It is not possible to export, send, or share these voice notes. 

The report also states that voice notes transmitted in the View Once mode cannot be recorded or saved by the recipients. This helps protect users’ privacy and provides them with even more control over the stuff they post.

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