WhatsApp Icon Turns Green for Many Users, No Need to Tweak Settings

WhatsApp has recently rolled out a significant design change to its app, with the interface now sporting a green theme instead of the traditional blue, particularly noticeable for iOS users in India. This update, which was initially introduced earlier this year, is now reaching more users, gradually transforming the familiar blue layout into a greener one. The transition to a green-themed interface marks a departure from WhatsApp’s previous design aesthetics, especially for iOS users who were accustomed to the distinctive blue color scheme. From the status bar to the chat-list window, every aspect of the app’s interface has undergone a notable transformation.

According to Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, these changes aim to provide users with a “modern, new experience” and enhance accessibility and usability. The alterations encompass various elements such as spacing, colors, and icons, all intended to refresh the app’s appearance and streamline user interactions. However, despite the company’s intentions, the new green interface has elicited mixed responses from users. While some have embraced the change, others have expressed dissatisfaction and frustration with the revamped design. The update, which is mandatory for all users, is set to eventually replace the previous blue-themed interface for everyone.

Social media platforms have become a sounding board for user opinions, with some expressing their disdain for the green update. One user voiced their displeasure, stating, “They claim the #Green update is to soften the eyes, but I find it most irritating and the worst update by #WhatsApp. Who else agrees?” Another user shared their discontent, simply stating, “WhatsApp has gone green. Don’t like the change.” It’s important to note that while not all users have received the update yet, those still seeing the blue-themed interface are among the minority. However, as the rollout progresses, all users can anticipate their WhatsApp interface transitioning to the green theme shortly.

WhatsApp’s recent design overhaul has introduced a significant visual change to the app’s interface, transitioning from blue to green for iOS users in India. While the update aims to offer a refreshed and modern user experience, it has elicited varied reactions from users, with some embracing the change and others expressing dissatisfaction. As the transition continues for all users, the green-themed interface is set to become the new norm for WhatsApp users worldwide.

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