WhatsApp is testing a feature that locks individual chats for added security.

WhatsApp is testing a feature that locks individual chats for added security.

According to an upgrade to the Android beta, WhatsApp may soon allow you to restrict specific chats. This function, which is currently being evaluated, may prove useful in the near future if you use WhatsApp for private discussions or are simply concerned about privacy issues in general. A WhatsApp for Android beta version indicated that users may lock certain chats using their fingerprint or passcode, according to WABetaInfo.

As of right now, WhatsApp users can lock the app using their Face ID, fingerprint, or passcode for additional security. Nevertheless, if you use the app frequently and want to lock particular chats that might include important information, that could be a pain. Even while end-to-end encryption protects your communication from being intercepted, this extra measure of security may help you avoid problems in the event of a loss.

The Google Play Beta Program is the only channel via which the feature is currently being rolled out.

The prospective functionality would not only allow for the privacy of certain chats but also lock photographs and videos within that chat, never saving any material to the phone gallery.

The locked chats would show up in a different section within the app, just like “Archives” on WhatsApp.

This feature might be added in a subsequent version, or it might not. Some beta features make it into the final product, while others don’t. In addition to the text editing functionality that was shown in an earlier beta version, WhatsApp is also developing a dedicated audio chat capability.

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