WhatsApp may soon release nearby sharing, will allow users to drop and share photos and videos instantly

WhatsApp may soon release nearby sharing, will allow users to drop and share photos and videos instantly

Last year, WhatsApp finally delivered on user expectations by enabling users to share HD files (up to 2GB in size) without any compression. It appears that the platform is currently looking into even more methods to make cross-platform file sharing easier. Sharing files with people nearby is one such feature that is apparently in development. Like Android’s “Nearby Share” feature, which necessitates user proximity, the feature will let users share files with people nearby.

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp beta users on Android can now access the new file-sharing feature. The platform has shared a screenshot of the new feature, which lets beta testers test out an innovative method of file sharing.

Users must navigate to a new section where they can send and receive files in order to use this feature. To ensure safe file sharing within close proximity, the screenshot indicates that both users need to access this section in order to exchange files. According to the report, you can control file transfers by shaking the device to trigger a share request. Notably, end-to-end encryption will also be a benefit of the feature, guaranteeing that file transfers stay safe even when not in a WhatsApp chat or on an unidentified network.

Although Apple offers Airdrop and Android phones have “Near By” sharing capabilities, WhatsApp’s soon-to-be feature may appeal to users because of its improved encryption and privacy features. This is especially important when sharing files in public areas because your phone number is hidden from people who aren’t your contacts. It’s important to keep in mind that this feature is still under development and may not be accessible for some time. When this feature will be included in the regular app version is also unknown.

WhatsApp, in the meantime, has released a number of new features for its Channels, enabling users to broadcast messages to a wide audience. Mark Zuckerberg revealed the new features last week. They feature voice updates, polls, sharing to status, and multiple administrators. Enhancing user engagement on WhatsApp Channels is the aim of these features.

  • Voice Updates: Channel administrators can now communicate more effectively by leaving voice messages for their followers.
  • Polls: Channels can use this feature to make polls and solicit audience feedback.
  • Share to Status: Users can share Channel messages to their status through this feature, which links Channels with personal contacts.
  • Multiple Admins: By enabling Channels to have multiple admins, this feature enhances group management.

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