Whatsapp wonderful new feature

Whatsapp pioneered a wonderful feature “undo delete for me”to save us from ticklish condition

The Meta-owned instant messaging platform, Whatsapp introduced a new feature that lets you undo the ‘delete for me’ action. When you accidentally press the button ‘delete for me’ instead of ‘delete for everyone’, sometimes it freaks out and embarrasses you, tackling this, Whatsapp launches this wonderful feature.

This new feature adds a five-second window to let users reverse the action of deleting messages for their chat and completely delete them for everyone. Along with this, WhatsApp also pioneered one more feature to messaging on their number, whether you have any document or message which you want to save for the future, you will have the feature to send it on your WhatsApp number. 

WhatsApp announced that this new feature of ‘undo delete for me’ is available for both iOs as well as Android mobile users. 

WhatsApp innovated many more features before this according to people’s needs, including ‘delete for everyone’ in 2017, disappearing messages, video calling with 32 members together, etc. This new feature makes everyone happy.

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