WhatsApp set to add option to open AI-powered chats

WhatsApp set to add option to open AI-powered chats

WhatsApp plans to revolutionize the user experience by introducing a special shortcut for talks that are driven by AI. Mark Zuckerberg first announced this feature, which is already under beta testing and gives a small sample of users an early look at what AI-assisted interactions may look like in the future. The business intends to make it available to a wider range of users, and the most recent beta version now makes it noticeable. These are the particulars.

The function, which can be seen in the most recent WhatsApp beta for Android version, presents a special shortcut for AI chats that is positioned prominently in the Chats tab and provides quick access to users above the new conversation start icon. The contact list no longer needs to be navigated through in order to access AI conversations directly thanks to the new shortcut. In order to notify users about the new function and encourage the smooth integration of AI-assisted conversations into their usual app use, the business put it strategically in the Chats menu.

Although it is now limited to a certain user group, WhatsApp has not provided a firm release date for a wider distribution. According to a WaBetaInfo study, ongoing preparations highlight the dedication to bringing this functionality to a larger audience in the near future. All of the new features that haven’t been added to the messaging app’s general release can be tested or used by those who were a part of WhatsApp’s beta program. Users may always visit the Google Play Store to see if the beta program is available. Although it is often filled, individuals might periodically check it to see if there are any openings for program participation.

WhatsApp has introduced several features in the last few months, including screen sharing, an edit button for messages, an HD photo option, and a chat lock. These are all highly significant WhatsApp features that are making people’s life simpler in one way or another. However, one of the significant upgrades coming to the stable version of the program is WhatsApp’s addition of the capability to utilize two cell numbers on a single app. Currently, the beta version is accessible.

Considering that using two separate accounts on a same phone required the use of a dual or clone app capability, this is a significant advance.

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