YouTube rolls out TikTok rival ‘Shorts-Form Vertical Videos – SHORTS’ on TV globally

YouTube has started introducing its short-form video app ‘Shorts’ on TV for its global users.

The users can now experience these ‘SHORTS’- the popular vertical videos on their updated YouTube smart TV app.

The statement issued by the company on Monday said that “Coming soon to a TV near you Shorts! Starting today, viewers will be able to enjoy these bright bursts of video (60 seconds or less) on the big screen at home’’.

In the current design, the users will see the modified version of the “maximal” prototype.

“We simplified the design of the right side rail but will be looking to bring additional functionality in future releases. We believe that this experience balances the fun, and quirkiness of Shorts in a way that feels natural for TV,” said the company.

In the next few weeks, users can experience this adventure on their TV models (2019 and later) and on newer game consoles.

A TV remote can be used to start or stop the Shorts video from playing by clicking directly on the short or by using the Play and Pause buttons.

Currently, there are 30 million daily views of the YouTube shorts and is growing exponentially.

Before YouTube brought this short-form vertical video experience to the TV screen Tik Tok was already experimenting with the same for some time.

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