10 Facts about Cyclone Biparjoy: Gujrat is getting prepared

10 Facts about Cyclone Biparjoy: Gujrat is getting prepared

The Biparjoy cyclone is expected to cause landfall in the Saurashtra and Kutch regions of Gujarat and areas surrounding Pakistan coasts tomorrow evening. Currently, the storm is having its effect near about 350 kilometres southwest region of Porbandar which is situated over the east-central region of the Arabian Sea.

10 Facts Related to the Cyclone Biparjoy

  1. The Gujarat authorities on Tuesday evacuated the coastal regions and transferred 37,800 people to the temporary shades as the cyclone is expected to have much power to cause landfall near Jakhau port of Kutch district. Tomorrow evening it is anticipated that the cyclone can cause havoc in the coastal regions.
  2. The authorities have already prepared the teams of NDRF and SDRF as well as the Army is prepared to work on the relief efforts as and when required. There is an ongoing coordination between the NDRF and the civil administration. In places, there are food relief corners.
  3. There was a virtual meeting on Tuesday between the Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Gujarat chief minister Bhupendra Patel and other senior officials in view of the preparedness of Gujarat for the Cyclonic effects. The agenda of the meeting was to shift people to a safer place and provide them with the necessary facilities for electricity, healthcare and drinking water.
  4. Alok Kumar Pandey, the state commissioner of Relief mentioned that already 30000 people are shifted to the temporary shades.
  5. Mandvi in Kutch and Karachi in Pakistan near Jakhau port are expected to feel the cyclonic effect tomorrow evening. The Ahmedabad IMD has reported the wind will blow at a speed of 125-135 kmph that may reach up to 150 kmph.
  6. According to IMD, there can be heavy rainfall and strong winds along the coastal regions of Gujarat which basically includes the Saurashtra-Kutch region. Special warnings are given to Kutch, Porbandar, and Devbhumi Dwarka districts.
  7. The cyclone may become weak after causing landfall and will move towards the extreme southern region of Rajasthan. 15th-17th June can see heavy rains in the northern region of Gujarat.
  8. A two-phase rescue operation is planned. The first phase will include people staying within 0-5 kilometres of the coastal regions who will be evacuated and the second phase will include people residing between 5 to 10 kilometres.
  9. 17 NDRF and 12 SDRF teams are already prepared and placed in the districts that are affected, including Devbhumi Dwarka, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Porbandar, Gir Somnath, Morbi, and Valsad.
  10. The western railway as a precautionary measure has cancelled 69 trains and terminated the destinations of 32 trains. 26 trains.

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