Gmail's Help Me Write function is now available

Gmail’s Help Me Write function is now available to some iPhone and Android users: Here’s how it works

Google made an interesting announcement during the annual Google I/O 2023 event about a new tool dubbed ‘Help Me Write.’ This feature makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve writing. The tool is intended to help users in Gmail and Google Docs, and it was stated that it would initially be available to Google Workspace Labs testers on iOS and Android. According to 9to5Google, the AI-powered Help Me Write feature has begun rolling out to Workspace Labs testers on both Gmail for Android and iOS. This capability was previously exclusively available to desktop users as part of the Workspace Labs testing. Gmail’s Help Me Write tool assists users in composing emails by creating a draft based on specified instructions.

Google has released instructions on its help website for using the new AI-enabled Help Me Write function in Gmail. Simply press the write button in Gmail on an iOS or Android smartphone, and then select the Help Me Write function at the bottom right of the screen. They can type in something like “A thank you letter for my job interview” or “A Job Application.” After that, the AI will generate a draft for users to edit or amend before sending it. Users can provide input on the generated content or build a new version of the text by selecting the “Recreate” button, which is an intriguing part of this tool. While the Help Me Write function will be added to Google Docs, Google has not yet specified when it will be available.

At the Google I/O 2023 event, Google unveiled AI-powered advancements to Google Photos in addition to the Help Me Write function. The Magic Editor tool, which will be deployed in the coming months, is one of these innovations. The Magic Editor seeks to fill in missing features in photos where objects are only partially visible and allows users to move subjects in an image after it has been recorded. Google Photos Magic Editor will be available later in 2023, according to Google. Overall, Google’s most recent AI developments bring intriguing improvements to writing assistance in Gmail and Google Docs, as well as new features for improving and editing photographs in Google Photos.

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