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Anti-ageing drug combination unveiled by Harvard scientists

To reverse the process of ageing within a week a team of scientists from Harvard Medical School has identified a combination of drugs. Mice were used to conduct the study and three different drugs were tried on them: a growth hormone, Metformin and AMPK, to activate the enzyme. The rejuvenation of aged muscles, liver tissue, and other organs is now possible by treating them using these drug combinations.

This discovery was shared on Twitter by Harvard researcher David Sinclair. It is also published in the July edition of the medical journal Aging. This discovery is a significant step in the field of ageing.

“We’ve previously shown age reversal is possible using gene therapy to turn on embryonic genes,” Sinclair tweeted. His tweet received 1 million views with 17 tweet threads. The step towards affordable whole-body rejuvenation is now possible with the use of chemical cocktails.

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Chemical cocktails are developed by a genetics professor and his team at Harvard Medical School and can be used for treating various physical and mental disorders. Extensive research on mice and monkeys was conducted for three years. It is claimed that it will reverse cellular ageing and revive human cells. To combat the effects of ageing in humans this discovery offers potential rejuvenation possibilities.

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