Bing Chat is now available in Google Chrome

Bing Chat is now available in Google Chrome for desktop users

Microsoft has ultimately chosen to extend the widespread accessibility of Bing Chat beyond the Edge browser, making it available to all users of Chrome on desktop platforms.

After being in the market for a few months, Bing Chat has garnered interest from diverse market segments. Recognizing the appeal of its recent chatbot, Microsoft periodically enhances it with novel features, including the ability to generate images from text.

Until now, Bing Chat has been exclusively endorsed for usage through Microsoft’s Edge web browser and via integration with SwiftKey. An instance of browser manipulation involved Vivaldi mimicking the Edge user agent to access Bing Chat, but apart from Edge, no other browser had official support.

Recently noted by Neowin, Microsoft discreetly released a blog post indicating that Google Chrome now joins the list of browsers compatible with Bing Chat. This aligns with hints dropped by the Redmond technology company earlier this month, which they were also testing with a limited user group. Evidently, their testing phase yielded positive results, prompting the decision to extend access to the chatbot for all Google Chrome users on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s worth mentioning that mobile platforms are not yet accommodated, although Microsoft assures that broader browser support for both desktop and mobile platforms is in the pipeline. During their testing phase, Microsoft even included Safari users, suggesting that Apple’s browser might be next in line for expanded availability.

But that’s not the extent of it. The enhanced security of Bing Chat Enterprise is also being extended to Edge Mobile. Individuals can access this feature by logging into Edge using their work accounts. Furthermore, SwiftKey users have been granted the ability to engage in 30 conversations per day with Bing Chat, without the requirement of signing in via a Microsoft account.

In a separate update that doesn’t directly pertain to Bing Chat, Microsoft has utilized generative AI technologies to enhance its Bing search templates. This improvement aims to optimize space utilization and reduce instances of content duplication.

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