Jio will be the first business to create 6G capabilities globally

Jio will be the first business to create 6G capabilities globally

At the company’s 46th annual general meeting (AGM), Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani made a significant statement. Jio Platforms, according to Ambani, is positioned to take the lead in the development of 6G capabilities on a global scale. He asserted that Jio would create the next-generation network first in the world.

Jio Platforms has undergone a tremendous transformation from its roots as a telecom operator, according to Ambani, who highlighted that Jio Platforms has become a technology firm. Ambani disclosed to shareholders that Jio Platforms’ emphasis on innovation goes beyond the country of India. The business is committed to introducing its “Made-in-India” technology stack to foreign markets in order to establish itself as a leader in technology.

Jio’s 5G launch would be supported by an in-house created 5G stack, Ambani declared with pride. This stack includes cutting-edge technologies including Standalone 5G architecture, Carrier Aggregation, Network Slicing, and advanced Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) capabilities. This stack is made to integrate more easily with 4G and 5G technology from other international manufacturers.

Notably, Jio collaborated with businesses like Samsung, Nokia, and Ericsson to roll out 5G networks throughout India. In his statement, Ambani said that “Jio’s 5G radio portfolio includes a wide range of solutions, from small cells to large tower-based radios, addressing diverse outdoor and indoor usage scenarios.”

Ambani also praised Jio for making progress with its 5G rollout. Over 96% of the nation’s census towns now have Jio 5G connectivity, nine months after the rollout started in October. The business is still on schedule to complete a statewide rollout by December, which would be one of the fastest 5G rollouts of this size ever. He had earlier stated that Jio 5G plans would be the most cost-effective in the world, but no updates were made during the AGM. Ambani added that “Jio would develop new ChatGPT-like AI solutions specifically for Indian users. “Jio pledges to provide AI to everyone, everywhere. And we’ll deliver, he declared.

Jio is making plans to support talent and capabilities, facilitating the quick adoption of international AI advancements, especially in generative AI. Ambani recognized India’s potential and emphasized the size, data richness, and talent pool of the country. He did, however, stress the requirement for a “robust digital infrastructure” that can handle the enormous computing demands of AI. He responded by saying that RIL is dedicated to developing up to “2000 MW of AI-ready computing capacity,” which includes both cloud and edge locations, while upholding a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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