By 2027-28 one million tech professionals will be hired by Non-Tech sectors

By 2027-28 one million tech professionals will be hired by Non-Tech sectors

According to a report published, the non-technology sector is expected to provide employment to approximately 1 million tech professionals by 2027-28.

The non-tech sectors such as BFSI and consulting, communication media and technology, retail and consumer business, life sciences and healthcare, engineering research and development (ER&D), and energy and resources are ready for employing 1 million tech talent by Financial year 2028.

Currently the employment generation for tech professionals from the non-tech sector is over 0.7 million.

There is an integration of technology globally in almost all the sectors. With the roll out of 5G, growth of digital payment sector, growth of new business economies and with the electronic vehicles taking the share of the auto market, it is important for all the enterprises to go for digital transformation. This has led to the demand of the tech professionals in the non-tech sectors.

Though there is an increase in demand for jobs, getting skilled people is still a challenge so there is always a demand-supply gap for the tech talent in the non-tech sectors. Not only hiring but the organizations should also invest in tech upskilling broadly and should lay the foundation of a skill based talent management system.

In the current scenario, the hiring in the non-tech sector is still not permanent for the techies. Only 54 percent are the permanent workforce and a substantial 30 percent are into mixed contracts and the other 16 percent are engaged through contractual hiring. The stated modes of hiring gives the flexibility to scale and cut down the hiring costs based on the needs or seasonality.

As per the reports the preferred locations for employment are Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. 27 percent of all the tech roles are paid the highest in Bengaluru or Hyderabad, 16 percent in Delhi and rest 13 percent in Pune.

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