Geoffrey Hinton, the” Godfather of AI” quits Google giving warning related to AI

Geoffrey Hinton, the” Godfather of AI” quits Google giving warning related to AI

Geoffrey Hinton, known as the “Godfather of AI”, recently resigned from Google along with two others. In a statement, he expressed his concerns about the potential negative impacts of AI technology, including the spread of misinformation that could threaten humanity in the long term. Hinton also warned of the possibility that AI could replace human jobs and even surpass human intelligence by writing and running its code. He believes that this could happen sooner than expected, as many people had thought that these developments were still decades away.

Hinton regrets some of his life’s work related to AI

Before quitting Google Hinton was employed by Google for more than a decade but he regrets a few of his work.

He said he consoles himself by saying that if he wouldn’t have done it then somebody else could have done it.

He won the Turing Award in 2018 for his foundational work that is responsible for the current boom of AI.

Google had acquired a company that Hinton started along with two of his students and since then he was working for Google. One of the students of Hinton became the chief scientist at OpenAI.

Hinton’s Happiness was laid upon Google’s Technological success

Hilton was happy with the technological success of Google, until the launch of the new OpenAI-infused Bing by Microsoft. This launch challenged the core business of Google and sparked”code red” in the office.

This fierce competition is though impossible to stop, it would lead to a world with many fake imagery and texts that nobody will be able to sell.

Google’s statement

According to Jeff Dean, Google’s chief scientist, the company will remain committed towards the responsible approach for AI. While innovating fiercely Google continuously learns to understand the emerging risks.

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