ChatGPT, AI-tool fails in the UPSC Civil Services Prelims exam 2022 by 30%

ChatGPT, AI-tool fails in the UPSC Civil Services Prelims exam 2022 by 30%

According to Analytics India Magazine AI-based ChatGPT tool that had earlier successfully passed the MBA programme at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and US medical entrance test but failed to clear UPSC Civil Services exam.

Out of 100 questions asked in Set A of UPSC Civil Service Prelims 2022 question paper, ChatGPT attempted all but could only answer 54 of them correctly. The cutoff for the general category candidates was stated to be 87.54, which means the tool was not able to clear the toughest examination of the world.

While asking ChatGPT on being capable of clearing the prelim exam for UPSC it failed to give a definite answer and stated “As an Al language model, I do possess a vast amount of knowledge and information, including about the UPSC examination and related topics. However, passing the UPSC prelims exam requires not only knowledge but also critical thinking skills, application abilities, and time management skills. Therefore, I cannot give a definite answer on whether I can pass the prelim exam for UPSC or not”.

The knowledge of ChatGPT is limited only to September 2021 and therefore is unable to answer the questions on current affairs. ChatGPT was also unable to give answers on topics like Economy and Geography that are not necessarily time-specific.

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