Elon Musk reveals new features and claims that Twitter users will be able to react to direct messages with any emoji.

Elon Musk reveals new features and claims that Twitter users will be able to react to direct messages with any emoji.

In an effort to improve user experience, Twitter’s team is introducing a few new features, according to Elon Musk. Recently, the billionaire stated on Twitter that the business is preparing to launch a feature that will allow users to reply to individual DMs with whatever emoji they like. Musk also mentioned that the business is attempting to encrypt communications.
Musk stated in a tweet that he planned to push out the ability to reply to individual DMs, use any reaction emoji, and encrypt messages later this month.

There are now only six alternatives available when using an emoji to reply to a direct message on Twitter. Musk actually means that the firm is developing a feature that will let users reply to DMs with any reaction emojis, suggesting that users will have access to more emojis to pick from when responding to a specific DM. In addition, Musk intends to raise Twitter’s character limit to an incredible 10,000 characters. The billionaire stated the same in response to a Twitter user’s inquiry. Musk responded to a user’s request to add code blocks to tweets by saying, “As an attachment? How many chars? We are extending longform tweets to 10k soon.”

After Musk promised that there would be no more layoffs at the company, Twitter just saw yet another wave of huge layoffs. A few days ago, Twitter made the decision to reduce its staff by 10%, affecting about 200 individuals. Esther Crawford, a devoted employee of Musk who promised to put in extra effort to construct Twitter 2.0, was one of the affected workers. Last year, a photo of her dozing off at a Twitter workplace also went viral. Musk sent an email to his surviving Twitter staff on Monday morning following the weekend layoffs. He stated that the remaining staff will receive some “quite big performance-based equity rewards” in the email. A “tough organizational makeover focused on better future execution,” Musk also mentioned the most recent round of layoffs at the company. “This past week, we completed a challenging organizational revamp focused on improving future performance, using as much feedback as we could obtain from the entire company,” Musk reportedly wrote in the email. “Those who remain are highly respected by others around them,” he continued.

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