Elon Musk has now laid off 10% of the Twitter workforce, costing the company about 200 jobs.

Elon Musk has now laid off 10% of the Twitter workforce, costing the company about 200 jobs.

Twitter has had a number of major layoffs that have significantly decreased its personnel since Elon Musk assumed control of the firm last year. Over 7,500 people worked at Twitter before Musk’s acquisition. The workforce was down to about 2,300 individuals after the new owner took over, though. And as of right now, according to a New York Times report, Musk has laid off about 10% of his staff. This indicates that the most recent layoffs at the organization resulted in the loss of jobs for close to 200 individuals.

Product managers, data scientists, and engineers have reportedly been affected by the latest round of layoffs, according to a story by The New York Times. The employees affected were working to maintain Twitter’s different functions operational when the layoffs were revealed over the weekend. According to a source cited in the article, the monetization infrastructure team was downsized from 30 to less than eight individuals. However, there are reports that during the most recent wave of layoffs, even employees who were committed to working on Elon Musk’s Twitter 2.0 were let go. Esther Crawford, who was chosen to lead Twitter Blue after Musk assumed control, is one of these workers. Also, a photo of her napping in a sleeping bag at Twitter’s offices went popular on social media.

According to rumors that circulated last week, Musk had announced yet another wave of company-wide layoffs that would mostly affect employees in the sales and engineering departments.

Elon Musk made some radical changes when he initially joined Twitter, and one of the first things he did after assuming the position was to remove Parag Agrawal, the company’s then-CEO, along with other senior officials. The majority of Twitter employees have either left or been fired since Musk took over. After November 2022, there won’t be any more layoffs at Twitter, the new owner has vowed. Yet since then, there have been a number of publicized layoffs.

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