Enjoy Passeys instead of Password From Apple, Google, and Microsoft

Enjoy Passkeys instead of Password From Apple, Google, and Microsoft

We might have to soon say Goodbye to our passwords as Apple, Google, and Microsoft go big on passkeys as Predicted long back internet passwords will end.

So what are passkeys, and how could they make internet passwords obsolete? Many great things are coming with new technology. And in its full-fledged integration mode, using passwords for your accounts will be an obsolete thing. Let’s understand it in more detail.

How are passkeys the Future?

A passkey will be used as basic internet security in the near future. According to the chief technology officer of the Center for Internet Security, they are more secure and highly resistant to being hacked.

The big players, including Apple, Microsoft, and Google, are currently working according to the standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium and FIDO Alliance. Once they are done, their platforms will get full support for passkeys.

The list of organizations offering passkeys as a replacement for passwords will grow at a faster rate and Passkeys are an example of seamless and invisible security to the end user.

How can Passkeys be used?

With the help of a passkey, one can get access to an account using an external device to approve the login. The user will be enabled to log into their Gmail, Apple ID, and Microsoft accounts without needing to enter passwords.

Will the passkey be secure?

When one attempts to log into their account with passkeys, their other devices will get a prompt, which can be a phone or any other device. You can use a face scan, fingerprint, or pin to approve the login. It will be like a Two Factor Authentication but without entering any passwords.

The public key on the system and the private key of the user’s device will be mathematically linked. The login process will be more secure and will verify whether the person logging into the account is the one with the private key.

Avoid human errors and hackers
Considering a safety standpoint, Passkeys are much more secure than passwords. Some of the factors include:

Authentication for every user and every application
Each of the prompts is a challenge, and every time you try to log into your account with a passkey the server will send a new challenge. The server makes the encryption different each time which will make the user less prone to cybersecurity attacks.

Prevents human errors
One of the major issues with passwords is that we set them identically for every account and it makes the passwords easier to remember. So, when hackers get access to one, they also can access all of them.

Well, with passkeys one can avoid these kinds of human errors as there is no reuse of passkeys. Each one generated is unique for each individual, application, and platform.

Tracking Passwords are gone

Though there are efforts made for better security around passwords without the use of a passkey. For example, there are password managers that promise to securely keep track of passwords for every app and platform but they are not as secure as they claim to be.

For example, LastPass, one of the world’s largest password managers, had a major security breach in August 2022.

According to Microsoft Digital Defense Report, there is a rise in password attacks, and currently, at a 74% rise from last year, with an estimatation of 921 attacks per second.

But using passkeys will be a much more secure step toward your logins. And one need not worry about phishing.

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