Launch of the Google Nearby Share desktop application

Launch of the Google Nearby Share desktop application allows for smooth file sharing from Android phones to Windows Computers

Google’s Nearby Share, which was inspired by Apple AirDrop, is now available on Windows PCs. Users may now seamlessly transfer files between Windows PCs and Android devices with the introduction of dedicated desktop software. In 2020, Google introduced Nearby Share as a quick and easy way to transfer files between devices and with nearby friends. Chromebooks already have this feature.

Several people who possess both an Android phone and a Windows laptop or desktop will benefit from the new specialized desktop app. Also, Nearby Share seeks to eliminate the inconvenience of connecting a wire to move files like images or videos from a phone to a PC or vice versa. Google and Microsoft intend to keep more users within their ecosystems by expanding the function. Apple was a pioneer in enabling seamless connectivity between its gadgets up until a few years ago. Since Apple only uses its own software and processors, it is simpler for its products, such the iPhone, Macbook, and Airpod, to communicate with one another without the need for explicit Bluetooth connection setup.

In a post, Google shared, “As a beta, Nearby Share for Windows PCs supports sharing content with Android smartphones and tablets. As we continue to fine-tune the experience and receive your feedback, we’ll expand official support to share content with other Google ecosystem devices. Whether it’s sharing a photo, link or document, there are many ways Nearby Share can help you throughout your day. Today, Nearby Share Beta for Windows is rolling out in the US and select regions globally.”

How can I share files and download Nearby Share on a Windows computer?

Visit the official Android website and type in “Nearby Sharing” to test out the capability. Choose the first choice, then select “get going.” Google specifies that Windows 10 and later 64-bit versions must be used to execute the system. ARM-based hardware is not supported. The PC must support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi natively, as expected. After downloading the app, sign in using your Gmail ID and make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your computer. You can choose your preferred method of sharing: from everyone, from contacts, from your devices, or with the device concealed.

Use the Nearby Share desktop program and drag files onto it to transfer files from a Computer to an Android device. Choose the file to send via Nearby Share from your Android device to your Desktop. The desktop program also offers the option to modify the download folder, which might be advantageous. India Today Tech also got their hands on the Nearby Share desktop app, which is available for usage in India. The transfer time for a 2MB file was approximately 1 minute because the program is still in development, which is terrible. After receiving testers’ comments, Google and Windows might enhance the experience.

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