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From PapaJi to BetaJi !!

Before the Pandemic, going for Office meetings in other cities or countries was very normal. But after Covid 19, most of the meetings are conducted online. No doubt this saves time and money for the employee as well as employers. Trust me these small trips were sometimes very scary and sometimes full of fun.

Just before the Pandemic hit India, there was an Office meeting in one of the most beautiful cities in India. In this meeting, I was accompanied by my colleague and my super boss. After working for late hours in the office (as we had to complete the report to present the next day in the meeting), we ran home. Being a working mother, and traveling outside for office tours comes up with double responsibilities. Anyway, managing all things, I went to Airport around 3 a.m, as our fight was secluded in the early morning. Once reaching the airport I started looking for a sellotape to stick up my eyelids as they were not allowing me to open it.  Somehow my colleague, and my super boss boarded the airport for our destination. This was the first time my boss was with us. During the two-hour flight, I completely slept like I was given some shorts of sleeping pills. After the flight landed, the flight attendant came and asked me if I was not feeling well and if I needed any help. In short, they wanted me to get out of the flight as soon as it landed. 

Somehow I managed to come out of the flight and was almost drained and wanted a bed to have a peaceful sleep. While waiting for our luggage at the luggage belt, suddenly I asked my colleague if we could collect all our belongings and where “PapaJi”is? Here “PapaJi” I meant for our super boss, which I said something out of my mind, as at that time I was completely in dreams and was missing my home and my bed. Just then from my back I heard my boss saying “PapaJi is just behind you Betaji”.
Listening to that voice my eyes were opened as if I was falling from the top of the hills. That moment was very funny, but I was very scared as the next two month were our appraisal time. During the whole two days tour, I just kept my mind and eye open without having any direct conversation with my boss. After returning to the back office, this incident was being spread to everyone in the office by my Super Boss.
Later after two months I also got an appraisal letter were it was written “From Papaji to Betaji”

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