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Future of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been revolutionary. From providing Analytical tools to optimizing search engines, Google analytics has always served the Global Market Platforms. Its outlook to user and consumer behaviors has provided marvelous marketing patterns.Google Analyticals creating a global audience who believe in continuously changing technology and are welcoming to it.

Whatever Google Analytics has been able to achieve is possible because of a web statistics analysis program, which began in march 2005 upon the takeover of Urchin Software Corp.

Chronology for the development of Google Analytics throughout the years.

Google take over the Urchin Software Corp (2005)
Creating new and classic Google Analytics with Google Analytics Synchronous Code (2007) and Asynchronous Code (2009)
Introducing Universal Analytics (UA) (2012)
Created the latest model of Google Analytics 4 (Ga4) (2020)

Shifting from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics created radical tracking codes for every new user making it a huge success for Marketing Platforms. Its protocol interface allowed tracking from outside sources,which made offline data very accessible. It is a session based data model but it increased the concern over privacy.

On the other hand Google Analytics 4 upgraded all the drawbacks of Universal Analytics and repressed the hurdle of third party cookies. It upgraded to Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to exceed the performance.It came out customer centric.

By 1 july 2023 Universal Analytics will be termed expired. This is a mandatory step for betterment. The audience is well aware of the fact that change is inevitable. This change is made for simplifying the practices of getting the renewed data for analysis. To stay updated by the end of 2023 the companies need to start switching to GA 4 now to get an upper hand in analysis .

Getting to know GA 4.
These are the basic elements of Google Analytics 4.

Customer-centric: it tracks the customer interests in fragments , analyzes it and furnishes the finalized data to the marketers for better customer interaction.

Accurate predictions and insights: it tracks the data accurately, predicting potential ideas and rate This creates a sharp insight about the user being only beneficial to the markets.

New tracking features: the data can be tracked with real time relevance without the need to incorporate new codes to the website. Ga4 provides automatic codes under its ‘enhancement measurements’ feature.

Better coordination with Google Ads: the smart tracking in GA4 helps you to filter the user on the basis of interest of the user during their activity period in the website.

Data control: the markets can choose the kind of data they require from the user. They get the refined data instead of a pile of unnecessary data for them.

Conclusion :

This enhancement for sure will provide a new experience for users at both ends- customers and marketers. The earlier the organizations accept this, the better outcome they shall receive.

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