Digigiggles Goodbye to image compression on mobile and desktop with Whatsapp

Goodbye to image compression on mobile and desktop with Whatsapp

With WhatsApp, sending images from one device to another has always been a breeze. However, until today, the photographs’ full resolution could not be maintained while being sent. Whether via the mobile app, WhatsApp Web, or WhatsApp Desktop. However, with the recent increase in file size from 100 MB to 2 GB, it was only a matter of time before image compression was addressed.

WhatsApp has already taken the first step towards implementing this solution by including it in its mobile beta edition. The developers are now working on introducing this capability to WhatsApp Web, according to WABetaInfo. This is evident by the new option that will appear in the transmit menu. When sending an image, the user can select between “regular” and “HD” quality. The latter option allows the user to send photographs in their highest resolution. Without sacrificing quality.

It is crucial to understand that the photographs we send using WhatsApp are now compressed. As a result, the quality is not always the best. This is especially noticeable when comparing the original image to the alternate image. This issue will be resolved with the incorporation of the new functionality, making it easier for users to share high-quality images with their friends and family via the app.

The feature is currently in development and is not yet available to all WhatsApp Web users. However, the developers should finalize the integration quickly. It should be ready for use in the near future. Finally, the ability to send photographs in full quality on WhatsApp Web is a much-anticipated addition that will significantly improve the user experience.

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