Google Analytics 4 is coming—are you ready for it?

Google Analytics 4 is coming—are you ready for it?

Time is running out to switch your website over to Google Analytics 4 from Universal Analytics.Even though Google has been advising businesses to switch “as soon as possible” for months, most websites worldwide disregarded the advice and were still utilizing UA as of June 21. Many people might come to regret that choice starting on Saturday morning, when UA officially goes dark.On the other hand, while some companies have adopted GA4 in accordance with Google’s recommendations, it appears that many marketers are having trouble adjusting to the new tool. In fact, some people have even begun looking for substitute platforms.

According to your budget and the kind of tracking you require, there are undoubtedly reasons to seek elsewhere, according to Sharon Mostyn, CEO of Mostyn Marketing Group. The issue I frequently encounter with clients in the healthcare industry is Google’s outright declaration that it is not HIPAA compliant. Therefore, it makes sense to think about alternatives.

It seems like GA4 isn’t off to the best start, but we want to know what you think! Have you already made the change? Do you intend to forgo the effort? Or perhaps you already have and adore it? Let us know if you feel prepared for the compulsory adoption of Google Analytics 4 and why, whether you work as a marketer in-house, at an agency, or as a freelancer.

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